Adama from Telos

Last night I asked Marsana from Telos, with whom I had a previous conversation, for an introduction to Adama. He was waiting for me to contact him and was ready for a message. Below is the message I received.

Channeled by Goldenlight, © The Golden Light Channel. Please include this copyright and credit at top without alteration when re-posting this message.

Hello dear Adama, Ive been reading with great interest the book about Telos and Inner Earth with your messages, it’s very enlightening thank you! And I know without a doubt that the assistance of your realm with ours will rapidly quicken the transition into a higher dimensional, fully galactic society.

Yes dearest Goldenlight and we have so much to share with the higher dimensionally and consciously aware beings in your communities. As I mentioned in this book (links to purchase books below), we will not be able to come to your aid until and unless those of you who are on the ascension path towards the 4th and 5th dimensions have been able to raise your frequency and vibrations at least 90% of the way into the 4th and 5th dimensions. The reason for this is that we do not wish to lower our vibrations into the 3rd dimension, as it would compromise our realm and civilization and create havoc within your societies among the unaware and those who are not fully conscious yet. The way to raise your frequency and vibration is to be in harmony with the spirit of love and centered in your heart space, as well as being free of any past remaining vestiges of anger, fear, trauma, or any of the lower density vibrations. Enlist the help of your professional emotional healers on your surface if need be to assist with the clearing out if any of these last vestiges of all negative emotions or ties to unhealthy relationships so that you will not be tethered to the third dimension and may continue your souls journey towards the higher realms.

A time will come in the not too distant future wherein many of you will be at the point at which first communications, then select individual visitations may occur. Eventually there will be open visitations with us amongst the awakened of your society to assist in building this new higher dimensional world, just as we built the Inner Earth societies over 10,000 years ago and continue to flourish there to this day.

Everything is built in our realm from intentional focus of the mind and heart and we will teach you these methods to help you manifest your new crystalline worlds. Your houses will be of crystalline material just as ours are, wherein you are able to be more on tune with Mother Earth rather than feeling separate from her. So much of your new society will be built upon this principle.

Your bodies do not age in the higher dimensions… Many of us live to be 20,000 or 30,000 years of age and have the minds and bodies of a 30 or 40 year old, depending on our preference. For more info on our societies and bodies, read the material in the links below… we won’t reiterate it here, as it is good material already recorded.

I mainly wanted to come here today to meet Goldenlight and to say hello to those of you who are becoming more aware of us and how we can help you to transform your society into a higher dimensional one and also to mention that the Cities of Light will eventually be visible and accessible to you as you continue to raise your awareness and vibration to resonate and harmonize with the higher frequencies in which we vibrate or exist. Also, as you raise your vibrations and conscious awareness, you will be able to connect in with us telepathically to communicate with us.

The “channeled” messages created by Goldenlight and others are simply telepathic messages received by her and those who are able to pick up on these communications, and Goldenlight in particular has a pre-birth contract to be a receiver and transmitter of high frequency communications and this ability is somewhat “hard-wired” in her DNA, but many of you as you continue to raise your higher dimensional abilities will have this ability to communicate with us telepathically as well. They key to developing this technique is to raise your frequency and vibrations so that you are free of the lower vibrational negative thoughts and emotions so that you are able to “tune in” to these higher frequency telepathic transmissions. In Telos, we mainly communicate telepathically and have our own language, but we also speak English. Although we are able to communicate with written and spoken words, communicating telepathically is a much higher form of communication which is more precise and effective than written or spoken communication.

We look forward to that bright and sunny day in which our two worlds will once again meet, for many of us in Telos and the Agarthan Network remember our lives on the surface before Atlantis and Lemuria sank in the Great Deluge and in which many of you also existed and did not make it out alive after these continents sank. We welcome the time when our vibrational frequencies match and there may be harmonious, beneficial relations between us and in which we can share our experience, knowledge and wisdom with your realm so that you may advance your societies to match the vibrational frequencies of the inner realms of Earth. That will be a most auspicious and wonderful time indeed.

Until then keep up all if the good work on your spiritual growth and in removing the blocks within yourselves to becoming a fully functioning higher dimensional society existing in oneness and unity and practicing the Golden Rule: to do unto others as you would have done unto you. Remember that to clear and free your being of any negative emotions clears the pathway to the emergence of your higher dimensional society and paves the way for harmonious and loving relations between us as you raise your vibrational frequencies to the higher levels so that we may begin to interact with you and eagerly share all of our ancient wisdom and knowledge with you.

We look forward to those happiest of days and and we thank Goldenlight for stepping forth to bring through this message from Telos. She was with us in the Lemurian society and did not survive the Great Deluge, so she is family to us. She came into a life path on the outer earth to assist with the great awakening through the use of her being a receiver and transmitter of higher dimensional messages, so thank you Goldenlight for your great service and for the honoring of this portion of your soul contract in your current incarnation.

There will be more messages coming forth in the future. For today, we mainly wanted to say hello and give you a glimpse of how our interactions with you in the “future” – which is Now time for us- will be mutually beneficial and of great help to you in building your new higher dimensional outer earth society, which is being created and manifested by your collective intentional thought.

I bid you a farewell for now until our next communique from this higher dimensional channel of light, and we send our love from our families in the inner earth to you and your loved ones on the outer earth. We have a saying in Telos: “My heart and love are with you wherever you are.”
Channeled by Goldenlight, © The Golden Light Channel. Please include this copyright and credit at top without alteration when re-posting this message.

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