Chapter 20- The New Scriptures As Written by Jesus/Sananda

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, PsyD

October 20 2013

It is   time to look forward with new eyes. You have lived through the Darkest of   times on Planet Earth. The cloud is beginning to lift. You will all learn to   sing and dance again. You will experience lighthearted fun even better than   when you were young. You will remember how difficult it has been in recent   years and the contrast will create such relief and joy, you will not be able   to stop smiling. You see, from where we are in higher dimensions, we can see   all the timelines leading to your future, and they all point to Ascension.



You are   beginning to understand the deeper meanings of what Ascension really   describes. Of course it means rising up, lifting, moving upward, but it   refers not only to the physical event but also the emotional and spiritual feelings   you will experience when you raise your vibrations to a higher level. This is   the important part – the state of your heart.



It has   been a long, dry period for humankind. You had lost your connection to your   adoring Creator, who is Love. You had lost the happy connection to   Mother/Father God because so many were taught to fear the judgment and   punishment you felt were inevitable for your “sins.” Ironically,   the idea of “sin” was created by the Reptilians, who wished to   instill fear in the hearts of all humanity in order to gain control over   people’s feelings. Once a person is living in fear, they are easy to   manipulate. They will work hard to avoid pain and punishment.



The   irony of this situation is that the things they chose to identify as “sins”   were so much a part of every human being’s normal state that it produced a   dilemma which is impossible to overcome. Until recently in the Western world,   and still pervasive in the East, is the unfortunate fear and dread which   young people have felt when they experienced a sexual attraction to one   another. Rather than celebrate their deep response to one another, they   feared disapproval of it from all their elders, who would predictably offer   dire warnings and disapproving glances. Love was separated from the sexual   expression of love, and a new dichotomy arose in relationships. It became   common for individuals to experience love without sex and sex without love,   but rarely the two combined.



Other   dilemmas were created when people became convinced that anger or disapproval   of any kind should be completely banished, even to the point where   self-defense became confused with “sinful” aggression. This was a   convenient ploy which was used by the abusive Powers That Be who wished to   disempower anyone who might be inclined to fight back to try to regain their   freedom. It is a mind-twisting trick to convince a person they are bad for   defending themselves, for rising up against an oppressor.



It was a   large part of my teachings to help people learn to express Love in all their   relationships, and it is still the goal of our work toward Ascension.   However, you begin as an infant who needs tender direction and acceptance   before you can learn to accept all your feelings, all your impulses as a part   of your glorious human makeup. Only then can you learn to manage the normal   responses to life, which to a child include frustration, anger, envy and   fear. These feelings can be brought into balance with steady support and kind   direction – especially when it comes from an adult who is simultaneously   modeling patience, affection and a long-range perspective.



This   kind of teaching is nearly nonexistent in the cultures of the Earth realm.   Here, we hope to correct the tradition of intolerance and judgmental   condemnation toward the very things that make you the brilliantly creative   and powerful human beings you are. Those who stand in judgment of others   pretend they are doing God’s work. We must begin with the need to relieve   your feelings of shame and guilt for small transgressions and idiosyncrasies   which, I assure you, are not the province of those who stand at the Gate of   Heaven.



Shame is   a toxic, destructive emotion. It is not the same as regret or remorse, which   is based in a deeper integrity, the echo from your Higher Self. Remorse   reflects a conscious concern for being in alignment with the Greater Good.   Shame, on the other hand, is created by the fear of what others think of you,   and can be largely unconscious. Those others who define you may or may not be   accurate in their view of the world, and they have mostly misunderstood what   God stands for.



I come   as teacher, friend and brother, to speak The Word of God as I feel it in my   heart, as I hear it in my ear, and as I see it with my own eyes. Yes, I am   the son of God, but I am not the only Son. We are all born of the Love of our   Creator; there is no other beginning. We all will live together throughout   eternity, in the Unity of One. Unity requires no recognition on the part of   those who are joined; it simply is, it cannot be otherwise.



Are you   comforted by knowing that God loves you? If it does not produce in you the   feeling of euphoria and peace, then you are not allowing the Love to flow   into your heart. In your heart is the chamber which holds the secret to all   fulfillment; we have called it your heartmind. There in the depths of your   heart are the intelligent cells, made up of the same genetic material as your   brain, which allow you to feel Truth deeply, and to register the electrical   signature that is Love. Some call it intuition, but it is much more profound   and complete than the phenomenon you call a “hunch” or a “gut   feeling.”



Work   with me now to reactivate the receptors in your heart which will allow you to   receive Love, and with it the deep knowing that comes with being completely   connected with your Higher Self. You see, this configuration produces a total   experience. It includes heart, mind, and Spirit, and it is a neurological   structure which could be identified with scientific instruments if your   instruments were more sensitive. Your current measuring devices are able to   show the energy flow in a person whose receptors are fully activated, but   your scientists do not yet understand the meaning of this subtle energy.



Now, I   said you will connect with your Higher Self. This is what you might call the   third point in the electrical energy connection. Begin with your heart. Feel   the powerful energy emanating outward from your heart center. Notice the   direct line, like a power cord, to the center of your brain. There in the   center, you will feel the power of being the I AM Presence – the conscious   awareness of being present, alive, and in command of your entire life   experience.



You will   then experience the awareness that Your I AM Presence is activated by being   linked with your Higher Self, the essence of your soul, which is located just   above your head. This is the essential connection which allows you to live in   multidimensional awareness. It is your direct connection to God, to the   knowledge of your many past life experiences, and to the constant flow of   Love which is the fundamental essence of the Universe.



This,   Dear Ones, is your road map to enlightenment. Practice every time you feel a   new breath entering your body. Practice when you walk across a room. Practice   when you sit down to eat a meal. Practice when you smile, when you look upon   a child, when you take a shower, when you feel the sun on your face. This is   the path to what you have called mindfulness. Keep practicing, and you will   feel my presence beside you, my hand on your shoulder, cheering you on.



You may   find it easier to begin by acknowledging your Higher Self energy, bringing it   downward into the center of your brain, following the flow of Light which   pours down on you from Prime Creator, from the center of the Universe, the   great Central Sun. Let it flow directly through your Higher Self down into your   brain, along the pathway of your inner channel of Light. Trace the energy as   it flows through you, down through your throat, along your spine and into   your heart area. There it ignites the fire of your being, the wisdom of the   ages, and the essence of your I Am Presence. You are Home.



Once you   feel that three-part connection, you are now experiencing the Truth and the   power of your human existence – the ability to live in complete harmony with   your environment, because your inner environment is that of Love, Light and   Unity. I rejoice as I observe so many of you working to make this your   reality. Forge ahead, Beloved Ones. You are learning the lessons of the ages,   and you are stepping into your Destiny, your birthright.



Reach   deeply into yourselves, and keep going deeper until you find the place in   yourselves where you can feel endless love for the young child you were, for   the conscious self you have always been, and for the expanding being you are   at this moment, growing, learning, evolving and perfect in your ability to   change. All the Universe is in the process of expansion and change. You will   expand along with your dear Mother Earth, for it is your path to be the   explorers, creators and inventors. Be daring. Leave old ideas and old   patterns behind. Reach for the stars, and the stars will reach for you.



The time   for Unity, reunion and joy is here. You will soon be joining in glorious   celebration with your Star Brothers and Sisters. Alert your friends – even   the skeptics and non-believers. Tell them to watch the hundreds of videos on   the internet which show the lights and movement of starships. They signal to   you, with red, green and white lights; they are eager to offer their   greetings. Soon you will meet again.



I send   you blessings and love. In great expectation for a brilliant year-end far   better than fireworks or promises, I am your Jesus/Sananda.



Transcribed   by Kathryn E. May, October 20, 2013.


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