Guns Cannot Protect You From Fear

“As a human being, ask yourself this question: If you had to decide, would you rather hold hands with other people, or hold a gun?  If we are holding hands, we cannot be holding a gun.

How many hobbies do you have? Is one of them guns? Is your hobby more important than the safety of a child? No. Choose another hobby. Guns are made for one purpose- to kill a living thing. I do not have a hobby of playing with cyanide, for that would be a selfish hobby. Either everyone has a gun,or no one has a gun. How else would there be balance? There is no other way but all or nothing.

Now think about one hundred or two hundred years from now. What would they know?  What was life like one hundred or two hundred years ago? There was much more death and senseless killing than today. Think ahead. Rethink your need to ever own or use a deadly weapon. Violence brings only more violence, as the past has definitively taught us.  Did your elders not teach you this? Did our veterans not teach us this?  Should every single person have a gun? Why do you need one when I don’t have one?

If all guns were gone, would there be as many murders? It would be hard to kill 26 people with a sword.  What about war? What about it?  Right now, is there any majority of a population of a country that wishes to go to war with another nation? Then let’s vote and make it official.  I dare you to let the people of Earth decide once and for all on war now or peace now.  Who gains from war, the few at the top or the many in the dirt? You know. Could we not use war money for peace and prosperity? Yes but why don’t we? Why don’t we?  Does anyone fear peace?  Maybe a few, but why do they get to choose?

Let go of your fear of your fellow man for once, and try being peaceful as a hobby.  I am not a coward. I am courageous for choosing peace over violence.  And mark my words…your guns will never, ever protect you from fear.”



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