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arcturiansSteve Beckow: I recently had a series of exploratory readings with beings from the Arcturian High Council through the grace of Suzanne Lie. I’d like to excerpt from one discussion that occurred on March 16, 2013.

The question we explored in these passages was why do so many enlightened teachers go off track, getting into sexual dramas with their students or misusing money.

In the course of explaining, the Arcturians gave some very valuable information on how to complete vasanas in this time of rising energies.  A vasana is an archaic and usually negative or troublesome behavior pattern that derives from an earlier traumatic incident. Vasanas are the major mischief makers in life.

They say that repeatedly falling and forgiving, unconditionally loving our darkness as well as our light, we heal the scars of our vasanas.

They confirm what I have long suspected  –…

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