The sphinx speaks creation and earth

We start at the moment of creation, there are many of them, but for you all we will only discuss your universe at this time.

There are many other creations you have been involved in and many are to follow.

We start with the creation of your universe as we already have talked about the fact that many beings within source gives more friction within the energies and in this way some universes were created.

Other changes took place as well as energy within some universes slowed down, to be specific the movement of energy slowed down, which had an effect on the particles of energy.

All experiences that were used to create your universe that you reside in at this moment.

Your universe was created by using the technique of implosion within source.

This means in the beginning, your universe was just energy, nothing physical. From experience with other universes, physicality was created.

In the beginning life upon earth was within a light body so to speak.

This is where we start our explanation on how a light body as you call it works.

Part of you remains within source, pure without any outside influences, the rest of your energy extends out, and you can spread out through the entire field of source energy and dark matter, or only parts of it.

To move into a certain universe most will use the second, which is extending your energy into one universe.

Many planets are present within your universe and many beings have entered your universe in different ways, some extending to only certain planets, others keeping a more widespread energy through your universe.

Different forms of creation have taken place within your universe as some planets were conformed into physical planets, others were left nonphysical.

Many different layers of energy were also created as many groups reside within different frequencies at this time.

Different groups that sometimes would create their own reality experience within this universe as well.

Was there a purpose to the plan you might ask, in the beginning it was about creating a more diverse experience, more realities, and more layers of energy.

At first all beings were only present within an energy form, but physical life was created upon some planets.

None of these planets were the same though as far as physicality.

The plan was to slow the energy down more and more to experience and learn about the effect of the energy in a very slow vibration on the energy of each being.

The earth was chosen to be the planet with the slowest frequency.

The frequency was however slowed down in steps, learning from the effect of each step, safe guards were placed as the beings discovered that lowering the speed of energy also resulted in loss of consciousness and awareness of the beings.

Safeguards were not only placed within each being, but also within the earth and your universe.

The cycle of the earth moving up and down the spiral, is one of the safeguards, using the earth to move up and down from the highest frequency, to the lowest and back up again.

This is a long cycle and has become longer over time, as you at this moment have reached the lowest frequency possible.

There are other safe guards within the energy extension of each being, not all the same but there are basic safeguards that have been in place since the beginning.

However as more beings came into your reality, and groups of beings created their own reality within your reality, changes have taken place that at certain points interfered with the safeguards and sometimes safeguards were removed or changed in a way that they do not work anymore.

Certain groups have placed interference systems within the earth, within the layers within your universe and even within the energy of most beings.

This means  that even though the earth is moving upwards again, it will not have the effect needed on all humans upon earth as the interferences are also within many of the humans.

As many have awakened to the fact that there is something more than just being human, although compared to how many are present upon earth and how many have awakened, we would say it is about 1%, the groups that have interfered have not sat still and created even more interference.

They have used part of the awakening process to interfere as well. As the ones awakening are interfered with through holograms, false teachings and more.

The best way to interfere is to give you what you want in a controlled way.

They have been doing this for some time and the ones awakening did not have the ability to see this, as many are mesmerized by what they see and experience through these holograms, holograms that conform to the belief systems of those that are awakening.

Your question has always been what about the good ones, why did they not do anything? They have and some of them have incarnated upon earth many times to reveal the truth, yet the truth is not always understood.

What about the Law of One, Universal Laws and more.

If there would be such a Law, it would mean that limits would have to be placed as to what could be expressed and experienced for each being.

Each being has the opportunity to express and experience all movements of energy, allowing each being to create and learn with all energy.

There is nothing that cannot be experienced, if there was a law as to how energy can move or be experienced, this would limit the possibility for each being as to what they can experience.

Many have come before you to show the way out so to speak.

One of the last ones being Jesus.

What he did, together with a group of other beings was showing you the way out.

Let us explain the mechanics of this a bit as it might help you in understanding what we are talking about.

The three days in the tomb, we can also say the three days of darkness.

Within the tomb, Jesus was placed on a table, a group that had prepared for this moment gathered around him, the tomb was closed off to have complete darkness but also no interference from outside energies, the energy frequency present upon earth, as this frequency was too low to complete the process needed to transform the physical form into an energy form.

Within those three days, the group that was there raised the frequency within the tomb to a level that allowed Jesus to transform his physical body into an energy body. You call this a light body because as a human you see energy that moves at a higher/faster level than your own as light.

The group that was present with Jesus had the knowledge to move through all interferences present in and around earth, as well as to dissolve in this way all interferences within the physical and energy bodies.

They had prepared for this from the time before Jesus was born, and Jesus was prepared for this throughout his lifetime upon earth.

Now the energy upon earth at this time will not reach this level in a long time, so other ways are being opened, and have been opened through some.

But they are not open for all, as this is in a way a process that can be interfered with and is interfered with at all times.

Many upon earth have awakened to a holographic reality, and their experience within the holographic reality is only a small part of the real truth, most of it is control through belief, expectations and energies that allow the awakened ones to have a feeling that they are finding the truth.

Going within is one of the solutions, but going within also means you will encounter the interferences within that will play into the controlled holograms present in and around earth.

For many this will seem to be the real truth as they only see the controlled holographic awakening.

Yes we know, this is not what you belief, you have gone past the control, you are seeing what is real, and that is right for you.

Sometimes the truth is simpler than you expect, the way out is simpler than you expect, yet the way out is also more complicated as you are at this moment in the most difficult position to get out.

From one source to another
Petra Margolis
April 8, 2013


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