Suzanne Lie: Pleiadian/Arcturian Alliance – The Landing Party, Part 6

Openhearted Rebel

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I have decided that I must write down my experiences, as a confirmation that these experiences are real and not just a “figment of my imagination.” There is a fearful voice in me that is confused, but I know there is also a part of me that is very wise. Last night I dreamt that I had another experience. I was standing in a long corridor with many other Beings.

I say the term “Beings” as many of those with me were not human. Some were very tall with blue skin and a few had very dark skin with a third eye in the center of their forehead. Their mouths were very small, and I could see no ears. I soon learned they were telepathic when I heard one of them talk inside my head. It had no gender that could be determined, was…

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