Aisha North’s Sister with a message on new DNA Energies


A beautiful message to us all

Dear friends! I just had to share this
with you, it is a message my sister channeled this morning. As I have told you
earlier, she recently came to the conclusion that it was time for her to “reopen
her channel”, and I promised I would share her messages with you whenever I was
guided to do so. I think you will all feel the beautiful energy in it, I had to
reread it several times myself, there are so many levels of information
contained in it.

My sister wanted me to tell you that even if she
herself is not “visible”  in this space, she feels very connected to everybody
who shares their light and energy here, and she sends you all her love. Here is
the message she channeled:

The dna sequencing is revealing the ancient
decoding. The hu-man from base is nothing but stardust. The reemerging of this
will upgrade the hu-man dna to what it once were. You know that from the
beginning your origins was not from this galaxy. The remoteness of your
disturbance was hence needed for this earthly experiment, the Gaia, the starship
were mankind could evolve and solve the age old riddle. What happens with free
will? The re-emergence of your ancenstral dna will put a spanner in the endless
cycles of misgivings and tribulations. The corner stone of all this is the
intergalactic fleet howering on the horizon. We, the crew, are seeing your
magnitude as you see not. The ancestral dna is flowing in your human veins, and
are starting to fire up the engines anew.

The Blue planet has no
remorse, bears no grudge. She will open her arms to you, forgiving all
misgivings and correcting all wrongs. Like a mother forgiving her wrongdoing
son. She will flower with as yet unknown abundance as all above, below and
inside her will be reborn. The work you are doing for mankind is also affecting
every living being on your beautiful Blue planet. She is sensing the changes as
the spring is entering the northern horizon. You can feel the earth stretching
and yawning as the earth molecules are reacting to the prolonged hours of sun.
The magnetic field will also stretch and yawn, shrugging off the winter pallor
as the stars glimmer faintly in the morning skies. The new spring is an event
unfolding throughout the universe, as the far stars glimmer less faintly than
you have been used to seeing. The magnitude of this event is as far reaching as
the edges and the core of All that is. Remember, not a single being on this Blue
planet is unaffected. Even the stones and the deepest recesses of the sea are in
on this. The creatures of the oceans are shivering in anticipation as their
undulating songs across the magnetic oceans will be telling you if you could
only hear it. By putting your ear to the ground you can feel the shake, the slow
undulations from side to side, as the Earth gathers up her skirts and prepares
to shrugh of the winter pallor from the seams of her outer garments. The shake,
roll and wild ride is sometimes slow, sometimes in full abandonment. But all is
as it should be.

The oncoming spring has yet to be fully sprung, hence
the abysmal feeling of loss, dread, boredom, apathy and lethargic irritation.
But fear, not as the days lengthen, so does the magnitude of this long awaited
event. The energetic release will shake you all to the core. The birds are
aflutter as they are sensing what is coming. So are the trees. This spring will
not be silent but filled with rehearsals for the new dawn. Amongst you all there
is a sense of dread, of lost purpose. But together you have already set in
motion the chain of events toppling the house of cards and refueling the engine
of deep soulfulness.

The master’s disguise is to have no disguise.
Thereby rusing those in vain trying to stop this new game. Therefore the codes
can go unhidden as they release their new credo. The manifest of the manuscripts
from yesteryear. The alfabetic decrypting will take place inside your brain as
the hormonic enterprises are subconsciously interrupting your sleep patterns to
increase the output of your human dna. On a cellular level this will increase
your longevity, and deep breathing is needed for this to implode your old
structures. Try not to hold back as you resolve the old patterns as this will
hinder the unfurling of the long strands of genetic intercoded dna. The deep
sleep patterns are resetting the codes and decoding the new frequencies being
downloaded into your cerebral fluid, thereby enhancing the process further and
faster. The unwieldy physical body will take its time to readjust but will
emerge wet and blinking like a newborn from the womb. On the first inhale this
will release all the old and reboot the process of the internal separation from
all that was and reset to all that is. Thus you are being born anew into this
new idea of a celestial life on planet Earth. Forever being connected to your
higher selves and the lower frequencies hitherto being visible only to those
inhabiting now the deep oceans.

As above, so below. No more
incorporating for your own pleasures only, but for the rest of the Universe
also. This we say. Do not forget your origins as we are not forgetting your
exactitude. The synergies are expanding exponentially as we write these messages
not only on your computer but on the very origin of species. The mass
distinction of everlasting life is what is being written out as the chain of
events are subsequently linked to the chain of letters on a web page. Therefore
the human race has attained its ability to leap out of the 3D and into the
immortal abyss of multifaceted realms of celestial stargates and immersing
themselves in layers and layers of reality. As foretold, this is like pulling
the wool from people’s eyes. For the first time seeing who they truly are will
scare many shitless – if you pardon the phrase. The shit will truly hit the fan.
We are overusing a vernacular being used and well known to you, wink, wink. Yes,
the human body is excreting not only digested foodstuffs but digested old
patterns of belief. The disbelief is an intricate part of this transition from
hu-man to new man, to celestial beings on the planet Earth being aware of their
inheritance and being respectful of their host.

The most you can hope
for on this day is to help birthing yourself. As you release, you fertilize the
spring fields and very soon the first sprouts will be visible on the surface.
They are shooting strong roots already, gearing up for breaking the tilled soil
surface. And very soon the tender leaves will be visible to the naked eye,
belying the strongness of the roots shooting down and anchoring this new reality
into the core of Mother Earth. She herself is taking great care not to disturb
this process, as the roots must find their own way to ensure magnificent growth.
She is tenderly surrounding them with her love and gratitude, like a mother
holding her hand on the gently swelling belly of her as yet invisible infant
steadily growing inside. Soon she will feel the movements of new life as she can
no longer keep the secret truths from prying eyes. The proud Mother thanks you
all for doing your part in this spring miracle. The judges are all in on this;
you will be forever blessed with our gratitude as you have held the hardest
position of all. Like the ox pulling the plow, the farmer tilling, you have
performed a task of hardship and little gain but the hope and belief that all
this will be. And so it will.

Channel: Aisha North’s sister
Webpage: Aisha North – Channelings and Words of Inspiration


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