If you want to know your galactic origins on a soul level HIRE A PROFESSIONAL

My friends and followers of Cosmic Love blog….about six months ago, I hired a professional channeler to do a live Skype session with me.   This is when I learned of my Antarean origins, my Pleiadian future, and all of my past lives on Earth.    I learned of many of my abilities and attributes.   Honestly, you cannot spend $100 in a better way.   You will get a live session and the audio recording with the Orion Council.   They changed my life and will heal and change your life if you are open to the opportunity.   If you do not get a Skype session with them, at least buy the book, “Orion Council, Here”.

To book Krista for a 30-40 minute Skype session, go here, and just Paypal her the money in advance.  Honestly, it was the best money I ever spent!


What to expect?

-A Full Heart-Activation using the Golden Thread and Breath of Life -Dialogue with the Orion Council and other benevolent beings of light -Holographic, DNA repair -Adjustments to your light-body -Etheric attunement symbols to transfer layers of your light body into 8-D -Light language upon request


1. Sign into Skype 2. Have at least 5 questions ready to ask, during your “galactic phone-call.” 3. Have a glass of water handy 4. Be flexible (Sometimes we need the energy to settle, so do allow extra time for your session.) 5. Notes (The sessions are always recorded, however, feel free to take notes on paper.) 6. Have fun!


30 minutes $100


Realize that they (the Orion Council) are helping you adjust to higher frequency, so they will answer any questions you have that are for the highest good of your soul’s evolution. Sometimes, they will mention a past lifetime, and discuss your current state of health. Also, have no expectations. You may be visited by off-planet family and other beings that need to come to your attention (e.g. Lyran Guardians).  They will explain to you the higher purpose of what you are currently challenged with, and work on adjusting you with positive language -programming.


Booking times are all minimums. Please allow at least 10 minutes to discuss *YOU* and allow for any psychic information to be delivered. Again, I am not in control of the information you receive, and will deliver what is the highest good at that moment. Your session will be recorded with a studio-quality microphone, and it will be e-mailed to you via YouSendIt. *Any intuitive symbols that come to you will be drawn via computer and e-mailed to you after your session.

Purpose: By booking with the Orion Council, you are contributing to a major unfolding of ‘TRUTH’ across the planet. We are working with belief systems to re-align energy. When the percentage of lightworkers increases internationally, the planet experiences a huge shift.

Krista is one of the best channelers out there, and here is a recent channeling with the Lyrans.  I also have the abililty to shapeshift and many of you do too!


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