Energy Clearing Part 3

The sphinx speak energy clearing part 3, the alchemy of clearing energies

                        19 April 2013 – 6:30pm |  petra


Petra   Margolis

The sphinx speak energy clearing part   3, the alchemy of clearing energies

As we have explained about energy   programming in our previous messages, we would like to explain about the alchemical   change that is taking place as well.

To come down to earth and enter the   human body you have created a long line of energy bodies in many different   levels of vibration.

You did not enter the physical body   from a source level, you created level after level of each body to finally   enter the last levels of the spiritual bodies attached to the physical body.

Each level that was created has more   density, a slower moving energy until you were able to move into the density   of the 3D earth reality.

To enter the physical body an energy   system was created as well, an energy system that attaches to the physical   body and is part of the operating system of the physical body.

The physical body has its own   operating system on a physical level as many of you know, the heart and brain   that keep the physical body working to some extent. The spiritual bodies are   a part of this as they are connected to the heart, the brain and run through   the entire physical body to keep you connected to your spiritual bodies that   are outside of the physical body.

Clearing begins on the physical level   with the spiritual bodies that are attached to the physical body, such as the   emotional and mental body.

From there more clearings will have   to take place to move into and connect with the energy and integrate the   energy of the higher bodies.

You might ask why the clearing is   needed in those higher bodies, but you have been through many other   incarnations on many different levels as you have used this system of energy   bodies coming from source in other realities within your universe as well.

The lowest bodies connected to the   physical body are related to your earth reality, the bodies above that are   related to incarnation in other realities within your universe and even   realities outside your universe.

Energy is programmed in certain ways   but also imprints remain within the energies of previous experiences and   realities.

Many of you have been incarnating on   earth for a long time and many of the higher bodies are dormant, they have   not been active for some time, this has resulted in less and less energy from   the source level flowing to the earth incarnation, resulting in incarnating   without any previous memories of the spiritual realities.

Let me explain the system of bodies a   bit more, as you all know about the chakra system within the physical body,   many are thinking that these chakras are related to certain energy bodies.   The energy bodies are connected with the chakras but in a different way than   most think as the energy bodies connected to the physical body in a way   overlap each other in many ways.

This is why when the emotional body   becomes unbalanced, the mental body and other bodies will be affected as   well. In this way affecting the chakras in the physical body as well as   affecting the physical body.

There are many other systems in place   within the higher bodies as well to keep them connected to each other.

There is a chakra system that runs   all the way to the source part of your being, there are many energy bodies   all the way up to your source being, the DNA that you have within the   physical body is connected to an energy DNA system running all the way to   your source being and some other systems that we will discuss at a later point.

It is a very complicated system as   your first incarnations were not within a human physical body, but more a   spiritual energy body.

Many of these systems are trigger   systems, so different parts will become active depending upon your work on   your own clearings and connecting with higher levels within your being.

The easiest one to connect with is   the higher self as this is a part of you that has been used through many   incarnations as a guidance system to connect more deeper within to allow you   to find your way back within.

The higher self however has been   attached to the earth incarnation for such a long time that it has become   influenced and more attached to the earth reality than the spiritual reality.   This because you have spent so many incarnations disconnected from the   spiritual reality that the higher self has forgotten much of the spiritual   reality as well, and in a way the higher self has come to see itself as the   highest spiritual part of your being.

You can see the entire system as pipelines   and some of the lines are clogged up with energies that are stuck, sometimes   interferences have taken place and implants or connectors to certain false   reality systems  have been placed, as well as the fact that certain   systems have not been used for such a long time that they are dormant, or   have become distorted in some way as well.

This has influenced the flow of   source energy, the main line that runs through everything and the flow of   source energy is stopped at a certain point, so the human operates on the   lower levels of their entire being only.

There is still a flow of energy to be   felt, but this flow is from for example the higher self down into the   physical and energy bodies connected to the physical.

For many the connection to the higher   self is the only one present at this time as the rest of the system has been   shut off just above the higher self. Mostly through interference of certain   control systems where connectors  have been placed that once you move or   connect with the higher self, you are connecting in to the fabricated    realities from the groups that have placed the control system.

Many will not see that and cannot see   this, as their belief systems and even their higher self have become   distorted over time, interfered with in many ways. The realities of the   higher dimensions being presented to many are what they can see as this is   what they belief is present.

These controlled systems can be   adjusted to the individual human or groups of humans.

This is why we have put such a great   focus on releasing attachments and belief systems as when you do this you   will start seeing these influence systems that are present as well as see   what needs to be cleared and either reprogrammed or removed.

The first start is the physical and energy   bodies as many of the human belief systems are present within those parts of   you.

From there you can move up into the   higher self and start clearing there.

Clearing can be done in many ways,   but many do have a connection into the fear matrix system as well. Now fear   can present itself in many ways, as it is not as simple as being scared of   the monster under your bed.

Fear is connected into many emotions   and strengthens many emotions without you ever realizing fear is involved.

It is a very powerful control system   that has been used for a long time, connected into many religions and belief   systems, even light workers or new age beliefs systems as well.

Thinking that you are not loving   enough, not compassionate enough is part of this system. As well as the focus   on being loving or compassionate enough.

Many of these clearings include   alchemical changes, changes of the properties of the energy. Reprogramming of   the energy.

This is why many are talking about   the old knowledge returning, mystery schools returning as the knowledge of   the past is being brought into the future. The systems will have to be   adjusted though as the energies upon earth have changed and some are already   working on this.

The most important part at this time,   the first start is to disconnect from the fear control system, even though   you think you have no fear, and in a way many higher levels of you do not   have fear, the human and the spiritual bodies of the human are connected into   the fear control system.

There is a difference between what   you think and what is present within the physical and energy bodies as many   of you rely upon thought systems and are not yet capable of seeing these   energy bodies.

Clearing can be done without seeing   them.

We will speak more about this in our   next message

From one source to another
Petra Margolis
April 19, 2013



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