Lisa Gawlas: The Sun, The Earth, The Eclipses and The Soil of Shambhala!

Openhearted Rebel

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earth and sunWell, the sun is not sitting still as we make this last few day walk into the eclipse sandwich.  It is coating us with solar winds from a coronal hole, solar flares to provide the needed extra kick in the ass to keep us going and two more sun spots developed overnight, one currently crackling with C class flares.  Granted, to NASA C class flares are babies in the whole scheme of things, but to us directly affected, it serves to keep our energy fields buzzing.  Kinda like M & M’s… tiny little chocolates, but still provide that sugar high!

I am also realize there are two core energies groups slithering into this life changing, energy intense eclipse sandwich.  White and yellow, representing what I call soul or sun workers.  Then there is the color combo of blue, violet and black, representing the earth workers.  Even the…

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