Love and Joy in an Evolving Reality

Openhearted Rebel

Allow harmonious vibrations of the purest order to flow through every facet of your body and spirit. Allow pure bliss and harmony to pervade every fiber of your Being, and just when you think you can’t take-in enough of the good vibrations, affirm that your perception of them be expanded.

See, know and feel that you exist in a reality of pure spiritual energy. Understand that what you’ve known as physical matter is actually this energy, and is much more changeable than you would imagine. Understand that you can make the most profound of changes; in your personal Life and on the world stage. Feel this as you allow bliss to seep-in and pervade your perspective.

It seems as if there’s a lot to be worried about, but worry is an illusion. Therefore, to worry about anything is to cast illusion over it, rather than bringing Light to it.

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