The Sphinx speaks- “Don’t let it get to your head”



Petra Margolis

The sphinx speaks   don’t let it get to your head

As many more messengers appear there is something we would like to talk about   as it becomes more important to realize what and who you are.

Many messages are explaining your divinity, your mastery and how amazing you   are as beings of light, the great creators.

Much of this is making you all feel better about yourself as the 3D world is   still very much there to deal with.

On earth you are one of the billions that are divine, that are amazing and   creators just like you, when you look even further you are one of the   trillions maybe even more of the divine beings and creators.

Too many are starting to see themselves in a way as special.

When in your history have you had enlightened ones that would use these   descriptions for themselves?

In fact many would not recognize most of the enlightened ones as these   enlightened ones would not use any of these descriptions or would want to be   seen as any of these descriptions.

Even within your own being, how many parts of your being would see themselves   as divine, amazing and so forth?

From a human point of view your higher being is amazing and divine, but from   your higher being point of view everyone is equal. There is no label to   qualify each being as each being has come from the same source.

This is why we want you to be aware of this and not let the labels given to   you get to your head.

To avoid the part where you start to think about yourself as more or less   than others.

We also want you to be aware that many are seeing themselves and the world   outside of the human world as amazingly beautiful, creating a fantasy around   the reality of the spiritual world.

The spiritual world is just as much a space of learning as your physical   world, in some ways it might be easier as you will be able to see the   energies in the spiritual world, in other ways just as difficult as there are   just as many choices to make as in your physical world, maybe in a way even   more as you have to deal with the energies of trillions of people instead of   billions.

Being aware of the traps that have been laid out before you is necessary to   take the next step of being a creator.

As being a creator takes place on the human level at this time, even though   some parts of your being are involved and are guiding you.

The same question that so many have asked can also be asked of your higher   being, those higher parts of you, especially what you call the god-self or   source-self.

Many have asked this question, if there is a god, a creator, a source being,   why is this all happening to us, why didn’t this being interfere, take care   of us.

So why didn’t any other parts of you step in earlier?

Why did they let you muddle on lifetime after lifetime, why weren’t you even   aware of these parts of you, why didn’t they step forward sooner?

Now suddenly some of them are here, some of the messages are from the so   called god-self, source and more and they are telling you how much they love   you, that nothing is real, they are your divine parts, you are divine and   they will take care of you from now on.

The question is why now?

You are at a time of change and it is time to get to know all these parts of   you, but you have to keep in mind that many of these parts have not actually   been involved in your human life for many lifetimes, and their experience   with human life is limited.

The whole reason for getting to know them is to bring them into the human   reality, not to give your energy and heart to those higher parts of your   being, but for those higher parts of your being to bring their energies to   you.

To assist you in becoming a full source being upon earth.

This is why we have talked about false idols, worshipping false idols, even   the ones within your own being.

Being aware that in a way you might see them as divine, as more than what you   are right now, but in the great scope of understanding you are all the same.

No one is in reality divine, or not divine, you are all born from the same   source and many of you are the first ones to become full source beings upon   earth.

This is no way means that you are better or worse, it only means that you   made that choice to be the first ones at one point, many will follow and this   is where the earth reality will really change.

From one source to another
Petra Margolis
April 22, 2013



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