Andy Bojarski: How to Properly Ground Yourself

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Andy Bojarski: How to Properly Ground Yourself

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GroundingAre you feeling these intense energies?  Are you getting massive surges of  energy pulsating through your body?  Are your ears buzzing?  I am and my ears are buzzing constantly and it is so important to ground yourself  to Mother Earth at these historic times. I wanted to express the importance of grounding. I also wanted to  tell you how I ground myself so that you can adopt a similar technique  for grounding yourself.

This is in line with Meline Lafont’s excellent recent channeling by Saint Germain.  Her post can be read by clicking HERE.

Basically, grounding is allowing yourself to literally be grounded to the Mother Earth. This is important as we are moving into higher  dimensions and the energies that are on this planet are being increased  and will continue to be increased. For example, when I meditated last  night, my…

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