Great Life Advice from Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel’s Daily Channeled Messages ~ April 24 – May 15, 2013
Shelley Young

Shelley’s Note: Please note, these messages do not expire the day after they are posted. 🙂 They are pertinent to the days, weeks and months ahead, and many are general spiritual guidance that would apply at any time. Please know that if you would like to read the daily messages on the day they are received, you can do so by liking Trinity Esoterics on Facebook, following us on twitter @trinityesoteric or checking our website

April 24, 2013

In the early days of the journey to awareness, contrast is a vital tool. The more unconscious a human being may be, the more resistant to growth and introspection, the more extreme and challenging the events placed by the soul on the human’s path will need to become to get their attention.

This is not about punishment. Far from it. This is about lovingly creating the exact elements required, without judgment, until the person’s attention has been caught. This is why you will often see people looping through a similar experience, time and again, with the intensity rising each time, until the human becomes too uncomfortable to stay the same.

Here is the good news in all of this. Once you choose awareness, once you embrace your growth, you no longer require trauma and discomfort as a catalyst to get you moving and growing. Once you truly embrace your soul’s growth, your life path, the path becomes smoother. You will redirect with subtle bumps and nudges that are easily acknowledged. You will experience far less trauma and discomfort, because those extremes are no longer required to get your attention. You will begin living consciously aware.

Once you are embracing your journey of growth and awareness, you then can not only heal, but you can start to live life as a co-creator. You release the idea that life is something that happens to you, that you are powerless, and instead embrace your authentic power and your ability to create. Your life starts to become a true expression of who you really are, dancing with the energies of the universe. It is a delightful thing to behold and available to each and every soul on the planet.

This is what will create the New Earth. People will be embracing their authentic selves in record numbers, and leaving behind the need for trauma and discord. The human beings of light will be creating mindfully, and through their empowerment, making the changes that will at long last create peace on earth. ~Archangel Gabriel

April 25, 2013

As many of you are aware, you are now in the midst of a series of eclipses, which can feel very uncomfortable and pressuring to people in a variety of ways. It is important to be kind and gentle with yourselves during such times. If your body is asking for rest, rest. Nurture your body. Spend time in activities that bring you joy. Meditate. Know others are feeling uncomfortable, too, and it is during such times small kindnesses towards each other go a long way. Smile. Be mindful. Let your light shine by being of service to others, even if it is in little ways that make the moment more pleasant. Remember you are all in this together, and you always emerge from the times you consider energetically trying even brighter, purer and lighter than before. These are the times your soul just couldn’t wait to experience, so cherish all of the wonderful aspects of this unprecedented time on your planet with wonder and gratitude and you will find them much easier to navigate. ~Archangel Gabriel

April 26, 2013

You may think of your creations as a garden. Your thoughts can either create flowers that bloom and add beauty, joy and appreciation into the world, or they can create weeds, that left untended, can block the true beauty you wish to be your contribution. Is what you are feeding with your focused attention what you wish to have more of? You get to choose, Dear Ones, with your focus, what you wish to water, nurture and grow and what you wish to leave behind. ~Archangel Gabriel

April 27, 2013

Dear Ones, please, once and for all, throw out the idea that you are doing anything wrong. You are the creators of your life expression. As such, you get to choose, in each moment, what you wish to create with your free will. If you are the creator, how can anything be wrong? You are either experiencing what you want, or you can simply choose again. The idea that things can somehow be wrong is, quite simply, giving your power away, and causing you undue stress. ~Archangel Gabriel

April 28, 2013

Dear Ones, all of your manifestations are born, from your thoughts and imagination, in a space that exists beyond time. They exist, energetically, until they are vibrationally aligned to manifest materially into your awareness. How quickly that happens depends upon how well you hold that energetic space, and how well you stay in the flow without fear or doubt, until you ground that energy into your material reality. You are taking one energy, and with your focused intention, giving it form. You are alchemists, each and every one of you! ~Archangel Gabriel

April 29, 2013

The beginning of the work week can be such a trying time for many of you. You see it as a loss of freedom, as taking you away from your joy and relaxation. Dear Ones, your life is not meant to be about drudgery! This is why we encourage you so strongly to follow your passions, to do what makes your heart sing. How can you add more joy to your life starting today? How can you nurture yourself and focus on the blessings that are all around you? We urge you to find joy every single day, to see it as a vital part of your health and well-being. If you make a commitment to honour yourself, to add in the elements of enjoyment to every day of your life expression, before you know it you will shift your life into far greater satisfaction than you ever thought possible. ~Archangel Gabriel

April 30, 2013

As you shift out of your victim consciousness, you also allow others to find new ways of stepping into a more appropriate form of power. If you are allowing another to continually abuse you, you are not only blocking your own growth but allowing them to stay stuck on that merry-go-round of old energies as well. Know that every time you step into your authenticity, every time you shrug off those old illusions of powerlessness, you shift the energies, and as a result, the potential for positive change begins to occur all around you. It only takes one person to embrace their own growth to start a ripple effect of healing potential all around them. This is why it is so important to not make your wellness dependant on another’s behaviour. It all begins with you. ~Archangel Gabriel

May 1, 2013

Many human beings feel they cannot control their emotions. They feel like they live at the mercy of those emotions, and must accept them as they come. Let us examine that for a moment.

Think of a time in your life when you were very excited, waiting in anticipation of something. Perhaps you can remember trying to fall to sleep before your birthday or Christmas celebrations. Can you feel that excitement? How you wished time would go faster?

Now think of a time when you were free. Perhaps you had just been let you of your last day of school, or perhaps the first day of a vacation.

Next, think of a time when you were very, very sad, perhaps with the loss of someone or something that was very important to you. Now, we wish for you to think of the best day of your life, the day you experienced your greatest joy.

Think of life as your pioneers lived it. Truly imagine what it was like to live that way, and recognize the struggle. Now feel the rush of gratitude you experience as you realize how comfortable your life is compared to that.

Do you see? You just rapidly shifted through several emotions, at will, with ease! You are ALWAYS in charge of how you feel, Dear Ones! Just like you can change clothes if you don’t like what you are wearing, you can change emotions if you are not comfortable.

Many of you believe happiness is something that you only have sprinkled sporadically through your lifetime. We urge you to throw out that thought and to finally accept that you have just as equal a right to feel happiness consistently as you do any other emotion, because you get to choose. ~Archangel Gabriel

May 2, 2013

Let us suppose that you are standing at an emotional buffet and you have a large plate in your hand. What will you choose to put on your plate? Joy? Gratitude? Love? Flow? Acceptance? Or are you, by habit, going to continue to pile your plate high with discontent, anxiety, sadness and resistance? There is no right or wrong. You get to choose. It is your plate and your buffet. But please hear us when we say that you get to choose those emotions and how they make you feel. Why not try something else on your plate if you do not like how you are feeling? Again, you are not at the mercy of your emotions, any more than you would be at the mercy of a food you do not like at a buffet. Simply select what you would like to experience, and leave the rest behind. ~Archangel Gabriel

May 3, 2013

As you accept that you get to choose happiness, you will begin to seek out activities that support that emotional state within you, and through that state, become magnetic to even more happiness. Your entire life expression can become much more joyful with the simple acceptance that consistent happiness is, indeed, an option for you. Not happiness that is dependant on the actions of others. Not happiness that is only on weekends or holidays. Not happiness when certain elements fall correctly into place. We are speaking of happiness that shines from within, that is who you are. It will become your preferred, constant state of BEing. ~Archangel Gabriel

May 4, 2013

Your guides and helpers are wonderful examples of unconditional love. They are consistently there for you and there is nothing you could ever do that would sever that relationship or make them not feel the same way about you. They come from that very consistent, very constant platform of complete acceptance and support. There is no judgement for your actions. They celebrate your victories and support you through your harder times. They honour your free will, always, and lead through subtle bumps and nudges and synchronicities and will only step forward in a more powerful way when asked for their assistance. Dear Ones, have you ever considered that approach with your loved ones and with yourselves, as well? It is a model that supports freedom of expression, acceptance and allowing, growth and experience. Because there is no judgment or punishment within the model, it creates a safe environment to experience growth and only supports forward movement. ~Archangel Gabriel

May 5, 2013

Many enlightening human beings have struggled with self-worth and appropriate boundaries. Being strong empaths, and often on the earth with service contracts can make finding the right balance difficult. Because you are on the planet to make a difference, you can also tend to be very hard on yourselves, feeling even your most herculean efforts are not enough. It can be difficult for you to even know where to begin self love or proper boundaries. There is a simple fix for this. Simply ask yourself what you would advise another to do. How would you treat a beloved child? What would you want your most beloved friend to do in the same situation? Many of you give excellent advice to others and then fail to apply it to yourselves. The New Earth does not hold unconditional love for everyone but you, Dear Ones. Being part of the flow means applying the same love and honour to yourselves as well as the others you are here to serve. ~Archangel Gabriel

May 6, 2013

A lot of humans doubt that they have the ability to make empowered decisions for themselves. This is because they have been taught by their parents, teachers, religions and society not to listen to that inner knowingness, but rather to conform to what others deem acceptable. Dear Ones, you all have an internal guidance system that is programmed to help you have the exact life experiences you are on the planet wishing to have! Do not be afraid to listen to that inner voice. After all, you are the expert on you. ~Archangel Gabriel

May 7, 2013

As the energies continue to shift and things continue to accelerate on your planet, there are souls who are going to be finding themselves in very uncomfortable places, indeed. With fast moving energies, keeping your balance and applying what you know is so very important, so those without the solid foundations many of you have been working so hard to create for yourselves can find themselves thrown off balance very quickly. There are many things that can be done that can help a person in crisis – energetic clearing, prayer, counselling, love and support. But the one most pivotal tool for moving out of crisis is gratitude. Gratitude can profoundly shift the alignment and energetics of a person instantaneously and is a tool everyone can quite easily use by simply shifting their focus. Once a human being understands they can shift their focus, at will, they will move beyond victim consciousness into a much more empowered state. If the person can move into surrender as well as gratitude, they will be well on their way to a much more comfortable and enjoyable life expression. ~Archangel Gabriel

May 8, 2013

Dear Ones, a great many of you have had trouble reconciling two pivotal aspects with your spirituality. The first was money. You have been conditioned to believe that money is dirty and that money and spirituality don’t mix. The second is your sexuality. You have been taught that sex is dirty and should only be used for procreation and that sex and spirituality don’t mix. So the enlightening human beings are having to re-examine their beliefs in both of these critical areas. Using money, or sex, or any other energy for that matter, as a means of feeding the ego, or keeping yourself separate from Source and out of your highest alignment, is obviously not supporting you in being your highest expression of self. But using money to support the whole, to better allow you to be of your highest service is completely in line with being a human being of light, as is using your sexuality to connect open-heartedly with a beloved as a pure expression of love and unity consciousness. Can you see? Two vital aspects of the human condition had been deemed bad and dirty by those who sought to keep you uncomfortable and small. You are on the planet to have the full life expression, Dear Ones! Do not be afraid to experience what feels right to you. You are the creators of the New Earth and you are re-writing the human experience to include empowerment, comfort and self expression in ways that support and honour the whole. ~Archangel Gabriel

May 9, 2013

Grace and ease are what so many human beings of light are seeking as they move forward in acceleration on the planet. We love that humans are starting to see that there are ways of moving forward quickly without the old pain for gain mindset that was universally accepted not that long ago. Grace and ease are absolutely available to you all, but they are achieved by employing certain elements in your life. Surrender. Faith. Flow. Acceptance. Allowing. Gratitude. Balance. Consciously seeking your highest alignment and choosing activities that support your staying there. These are the vital, foundational elements that allow enlightening human beings to stay in their mastery, comfort and focus and experience the grace and ease they seek. ~Archangel Gabriel

May 10, 2013

Affirmations are a very popular tool humans use to create for themselves. They often spend great amounts of time finding the perfect affirmation that is written just so. While there is nothing wrong with that, the affirmation is often written around the essence of one word. “I am creating my perfect health” is an example of that. The key essence of the sentence is health.

A very fast and effective tool for energetic adjustment is using the one word affirmation. You cannot get the wording wrong, and it is powerful as the entire focus is on the essence of the one word. For example, if you are struggling with trying to carry something heavy, if you simply said, in your inner voice, the word “strong” you would find it much easier to do. If you were feeling agitated, simply saying the world “calm” would, indeed, have a very calming effect.

We encourage you to try on different words and feel their energy. This is a fast, easy, simple to apply method of energetic adjustment that can be used whenever you like throughout your day. By saying the word you are choosing to invoke the energy of that word and it is a marvellous means of self adjustment and empowerment. ~Archangel Gabriel

May 11, 2013

Dear Ones, let us tell you that if you are feeling uncomfortable, you are in resistance. The greater the resistance, the greater the discomfort. The discomfort serves a great purpose. Once a human has become too uncomfortable to stay the same, they will embrace movement. The antidote for resistance is always surrender and flow. But do you see? You need not make your growth a path of resistance/pain/movement. You can avoid all that struggle by consciously choosing to embrace the flow. Let go of that old mantra, “no pain, no gain”. You may wish to replace it with flow,grow,glow! ~Archangel Gabriel

May 12, 2013

As many of you celebrate Mother’s Day, your thoughts become aware of the cycle of life. You are creators and created. You are part of a loop of love that is eternal, never-ending in its experience. If ever there is a time you can recognize God in yourselves, it is as you consider being born and giving birth. Do you see? You are magnificent beings, ultimate creators, all of you, and the world simply would not be what it is without you. ~Archangel Gabriel

May 13, 2013

Think of the one area of your life you would most like to experience improvement with. Then ask yourself how much gratitude you are applying to that area. Frequently, the area that is most problematic is the area you have the least gratitude for, the area where you have fallen into only seeing what is wrong. You cannot create better from that space, Dear Ones! The magic of gratitude is that it is a much higher vibrational alignment than worry or troubleshooting mode. Gratitude allows you to experience appreciation for what you have created that is a match for your desires, and sets you up for far greater further creation. Treat it like an experiment. Start to infuse the area of your life you would most like to improve with gratitude and see what happens. You will be astounded by how quickly the energy shifts responds and how quickly improvement will come. We are not talking about pouring months of gratitude into something until you see results. The energies are so instantaneous at this point, you can see vast improvement very, very quickly. The only thing you have to lose by trying, Dear Ones, is the illusion of powerlessness. ~Archangel Gabriel

May 14, 2013

Dear Ones, we understand that between eclipses and solar flares, this can be a challenging time for those of the human condition. We know many of you are tired, and feel like you have been on an endless journey of purging and clearing. We also know that these conditions can be bringing up many of the deepest, darkest wounds and belief systems that have been lying at your murky depths, in some cases for centuries. People ask, how do we let this go? If it coming up into your awareness, Dear Ones, it is trying to leave! Let it go! There are no special requirements, because all the elements are already in place for it to leave. Rather than, with great dread and angst, seeing such things as a burden and more work, perhaps it would help if you look at it as a parade. “Look, here comes the depression! Oh, there goes the anxiety! Oh, wow, look at that big float of victim consciousness! Did you see the size of that fear?” Wave at them merrily on their way by, knowing they are only passing through your awareness for you to wave goodbye to as they are leaving. By seeing your releasing as a good thing, and by taking an observant viewpoint, you can assist the process greatly and embrace it as a joyous event. ~Archangel Gabriel

May 15, 2013

With the unpredictability of your weather patterns and other elements, the enlightening human being is learning how to work in the flow and to stay in the moment. You are in brand new times, Dear Ones, with many things to adapt to, and you are doing it brilliantly! You are learning how to find your balance in rapidly changing energies. You are learning the importance of unconditional love, support and nurturing of the self. All the while, you are creating the New Earth and birthing brand new life expressions that better honour who you are and what you would like to experience moving forward. Again, we point out that you are delightful dance partners with the universe and you are doing a spectacular job! Keep applying what you know, honouring yourselves and practicing self care and focus, and you will come through this season of eclipses and solar flares with flying colours and excitement for the next phase of your journey. ~Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel thru Shelley Young
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