The Sphinx speaks: You want answers?

17 May 2013 – 11:15pm
Petra Margolis
The Sphinx speaks: You want answers?

That’s the question these days, answers, and where do you expect the answers to come from?

We have given suggestions, we have answered some of your questions.

They are all through our messages, the answers, and suggestions, and options available to you.

Where to go from here, what is it you can do, start creating in a serious way, it is your time, not ours.

We could give you all the specific answers, yet, you have not learned the basics, how to see and work with energies.

Yes, we know how you feel, many think that if the reality you see gets better, you will feel better, if everything is in divine order, all will be well, yet you still are feeling the suffering as many call it, of being human.

No matter how many times people tell you, it’s all perfect, it’s all happening now, if you don’t feel it, don’t worry it is still happening. We are already there.

This is what you are being told, but all experiences others have are however not your own, and many are having problems really seeing a difference. The ones that see a difference see it because they changed their own view of reality. They see the outside reality in a different way, it doesn’t mean they see the outside reality for what it really is, they just changed their belief about what the outside reality is.

Truth is, no matter how much you change your own view of the outside reality, it doesn’t mean the outside reality has changed, it is you who has changed.

This is what is bothering many of you, and even though some will say, it doesn’t bother me, no matter how high you go, you will always fall back to the 3D reality upon your earth. Yes, 3D, even though the energies of the 4th and 5th dimension have been added to the 3rd dimensional frequencies, your world reality is still a 3D reality.

No real changes have been made to this, and no real changes will happen anytime soon. There might be some changes in the overall scheme, like different governments, but this will not change much as most humans are still within a 3D consciousness.

They will not change unless they can see real changes within you, concrete changes, not a different view of the reality you are in, even more loving and compassionate is not something that will change the mind of many.

Real concrete means, something that Jesus did, he made a real change, although at that time still many did not change. This means to make a greater impact you are going to need more than 1 person to show a concrete change.

Jesus however fell short on really showing what he did, the transformation into a light body, as he did not revert back to a physical body and in this way was not ready to show this concrete change to all that were present upon earth.

Reason for this was that he had not completed his own transformation, he went through the transformation with the help of others supporting the energy and taking the energy to a level where the full transformation was possible.

The timing of his example was early as there was a need to show and make sure some of what was possible would be implanted within the human consciousness.

It was never about obtaining the Christ consciousness or anything like that, it was never about creating a religion around him, it was and has always been about bringing the possibility of full transformation back to your original state into the human consciousness, returning this information back into the human consciousness as it was removed a long time ago.

All that have followed him and are still following him are not able to find this information within until it is brought into creation, into action, one person needs to complete this full transformation into light and back. Even more important, from there, more are needed to complete this transformation, as at this time it requires more than one person to set the example to have it move through the human consciousness at lightning speed.

The question on how to do this is one you have to answer yourself, we can give you the guidance, the information about the possibility, but we cannot complete the full answer as this requires you to find it yourself. It is present within the human consciousness and not just the human consciousness, it is present within your own consciousness, for some only parts, and for others it is fully present.

This is depending upon what you have done in previous lifetimes, as well as how you connect within and find the answers within.

There are some out there who are close, they have been following the teachings of the mystery schools, the teachings that are present at this moment. These teachings are however not complete yet as the changes that have taken place through the shift have an effect on the process.

The energies at this moment are more supportive of the process as well and will become even more supportive in the future.

There is a lot of work to be done to get there for many, but the more that complete the process, the faster the process becomes as it will be merged into the human consciousness for all to start experiencing and learning about the changes that can be made to your reality.

Like we said, the change is not dependent upon different governments, the aliens coming to earth, different views of the reality, or different belief systems about your reality. Even the fact that control systems have been removed is not going to make a change as you still carry the energy of those control systems within you.

That is your prison that you have to unlock as we cannot do this for you.

The changes will take place through each person as they find their way to return to their original state of being.

From one source to another
May 17, 2013
Petra Margolis


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