Safon of the Council for the Assistance to Earth

A Message From Safon — Your Original Instinct
22 May 2013 – 9:14pm | Ascension Keys
I am Safon of the Council for the Assistance to Earth. Greetings.

I come to you from the Sirian star system and I have seen planets overcome every obstacle and ascend. I have also seen planets give in to every temptation and descend.

We are always tempted to do things we know are not good for us. That shows a hatred for our self. Each negative physical action you take that is harming you, or harming the planet, or harming another person (animals and plants included of course) this is coming from a hatred of your own self. You cannot harm anything outside of you. You can only harm your own self.

People do not see it that way anymore because they feel so detached from everyone else. They see everyone and everything as a way to sustain their own survival. Everything is at their disposal and there to give them what they need. But everything you need comes from your own self. Every good thing contained within a billion galaxies is also contained within your own self.

Each action you take or word you speak comes from the depths of you and you had to have resonated with it in order to do it or say it. The things you primarily do show you how you are operating inside.

You can see that fear based actions, survival based actions, are coming from your DNA; they are your instincts. You can see that when animals attack each other over a food source. They are running on instinct in that moment. You can learn a lot about love from animals. They will be your closest companions. They will love you undyingly. But you can also learn a lot about fear and survival. However, you have a larger, more evolved brain than most animals have (not all but most) and you are able to choose between having to survive and understanding you are taken care of already.

Love is also instinctual. Animals easily love you unconditionally and they are very instinctual. Love is in your DNA. You are not going against yourself or your nature when you choose to help and nurture people around you rather than go against them, rather than compete with them or war with them. And when I say war, I can mean a world war or a simple argument between two people. Many people think that in order to love everyone they must go against their own egos or against their instinctual self, but that is not true; love is instinctual.

Without love you could not survive. You would never have existed. The world is truly going against itself and it’s most primal instinct when it is acting out of hatred for itself and others. The world, I mean every person living here, the whole world, is operating falsely and going against itself. You are not going against yourself when you are operating from love and courtesy and kindness and gentleness. You must re-teach yourself to operate from your most normal frequency again.

Love is normal. It isn’t a miracle. World peace would not be a miracle, it would not be abnormal, it would be second nature. It is your most original instinct, to love and to be love. That is why people seek out love and why they long for love. It is why every other emotion feels bad, and I say every other emotion because I consider every positive emotion to be love since it is love essentially. Every good emotion comes out of love. So again, that is why every other emotion feels bad besides love, because those emotions are not your most basic instinct. They are added on. You developed them. They evolved in your cells because you needed them to survive, or at least you thought you did. The human race and the animal races have evolved on earth in order to survive. But in order to continue evolving we must step out of the vibration of survival and fear. We must realize that we are eternal, that we can never not exist. When we truly understand that, we will do nothing out of our own survival and we will do everything out of love.

True love is the most powerful and primal emotion. It is the highest and strongest emotion that exists, yet many people would consider it a weak emotion. People are taught not to show gentleness or kindness, because they are taught that they must be strong, that strength is a necessity to survive and that by closing off from other people they are more protected. To hide your emotions then, is to protect yourself.

Self-protection is the reason that people want everyone around them to be the same. It is why people love formation and uniformity. It is why people look at differences and attack them. It is why people ostracize anyone who thinks with a different view or dresses differently. It is why people of one religion believe that all other religions should convert to their own. It is why women are subjected to men and why people of one race are enslaved to another and the dominant force is taught to be the strongest. But the dominant physical force may not be the strongest emotional, mental, or spiritual force.

Feminine energy for instance would be considered stronger than masculine energy on many planets. And on your planet you can see easily how strong and enduring women are. They have been subjected throughout human history to physical torture, to dogmas telling them that they are not equal, that they are second and not as good or as strong and yet there is a gentleness about women and an emotional openness that has remained. It is easy to see the emotional strength of women and they are praised, valued and encouraged to take positions of leadership on our planets. It is common place for men to follow women on our planets because we do not think of strength as coming from a physical force.

It is the individual. No matter who they are, no matter what planet they are from, no matter what species they evolved from on their planet, no matter what gender they are (including genders that you have never encountered, third and fourth genders), no matter what color they are, what language they speak, what religion they most relate to to connect to Divine Source. It is all secondary and based on individual choice. It has nothing to do with anyone outside of that individual person. It does not affect me and so as long as they are happy with it, I don’t care.

If they want to learn about Sirius, if they want to learn my language, or learn about the deities I enjoy praying to and connecting with, or they want to taste Sirian water or Sirian food in order to learn, I would happily teach them and their knowledge would increase. If they have no interest in it it will not benefit them and I don’t care if they want to know about me and my ways or not. They are not harming me by not taking an interest in what I am interested in. And they are not harming me by being different from me.

Let go of having to be right. Let go of needing recognition. Let go of having to know everything. You do not know everything and you will never know everything. I don’t know everything and I am not on Earth or in such a low dimension. Part of raising your vibration is letting go and realizing that from your view as an individual you can only learn how to see things better for you. Your truth and what works for you will not work for everyone and therefore it will never be everyone’s truth.

Everyone is unique. No one has had your exact existence. I am referring to this life that you are living, but also to all of your past lives. No one has had all of your incarnations. No one has learned to live from your point of view. I learned to live peacefully and people all around me are living peacefully, but for different reasons and with different practices. All that I care about is that they are living peacefully as my sisters and brothers and that they are not badly affecting me or those around them.

This does not mean that if someone is harming me or my friends or family or allies, that I do not see fit to take action. Self defence is often necessary in the Sirian star system. War is a part of our everyday existence. War with the Grays, the Reptilians, converted Sirians and those allied with them. We cannot allow those who do not live peacefully to harm those who do. We cannot allow the destruction of peaceful planets or the conversion of peaceful planets to a hate/war vibration. So there is a balance of tolerance and self-defense.

If someone is coming after you in order to harm, or kill you, certainly you will protect yourself in some way and it would not be considered wrong of you if it became necessary to harm that person or that animal that was attacking you. I am not saying, allow yourself to be harmed, or, never take action against someone or something attacking you or harming you or your family. I am saying, that should only be done out of absolute necessity.

My people have learned to live in peace with every other peaceful nation. We have learned to be at peace with ourselves. We have learned to allow every idea no matter how strange or different it may seem. We accept it as long as it is peaceful and not causing harm.

You may think, in cases where you have experienced something that truly benefited you, that you will help other people by trying to spread your own philosophy, and while it is good to learn and therefore to teach and to discuss opinions, it is important for people to understand that the people who resonate with what you believe will be drawn to your ways and you will not have to force anything. Allow your words of wisdom to flow while listening fully to the opinions of others, and taking from other’s ideas what you resonate with.

I am Safon of the Council for the Assistance to Earth and I bow before you, Namaste.

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