Message from Archeia Lady Purity

ALLOW yourself to be WHOLE
Message from Archeia Lady Purity
Received by Julie Miller
June 01, 2013

Gratitude fills my whole and complete spirit for the opportunity to be here today lovely hearts through your own divine sister.

We often see so many of you working so hard to be perfect, the truth dear lovely hearts is becoming whole in all parts of your being; whole in your body, heart, mind and spirit will bring towards absolute purity and clarity of your Whole Self.

Until you have brought yourself into spiritual wholeness, you will feel discontentment – lacking of peace of mind. When this kind of feeling is observed and felt, you cannot deny it, embrace this feeling lovely hearts for within the feeling is the information needed to begin making the necessary changes that will bring you on the path to achieve spiritual wholeness. Achieving spiritual wholeness has nothing to do with being perfect lovely hearts. Perfection takes on singular definitions, while wholeness defines completion that demonstrates the harmony between your heart, mind, body and spirit. If you choose the road to perfection, you will not discover your wholeness.

We see many dear ones among you who are trying so hard to be perfect; they judge themselves and others so critically. When you are demonstrating wholeness, you will find yourself accepting and loving yourself for all that you are and accepting and loving others regardless of their differences. Through the wholeness of your being, you are not compelled to judge anything regardless if it is right or wrong and you are not compelled to try and prove this either way. There is no room for blame. Blame is a negative reaction that often accompanies those dear ones that are on the path to perfection. Remember dear ones the path of your journey is your responsibility. It is up to you to choose the path to wholeness or the path to perfection. On the path to wholeness there is no blaming of the Self or of others. When on the path to perfection you are always trying to be perfect where on the path to wholeness you are not trying at all, you are allowing. Very simple lovely hearts; when you allow, you let go and permit your whole self to rise into your own conscious awareness and through this rise you will come home to your own wisdom, purity and clarity of your Whole Self.

We encourage each lovely heart to get more in touch with their inner self and become accountable for acquiring all your primary needs to be met each day. We know how important it is to share. Sharing provides emotional stability and it is reached best when you share your concerns with those who will truly listen and reciprocate the kind and compassionate gesture and be there for them when they are in need. Discover ways that provide workable solutions that help bring a healthy balance of your work, creativity, leisure, and home life, through enthusiastic outlets. Don’t neglect any part of yourself, as each part is vital, as it is part of you.

Learn to take care of your body through nourishment and decent exercise that is appropriate for your age. Discover efficient ways to reduce stress and new ways to improve and enhance excitement in other areas of your personal life. The energy that works through you is yours, use it wisely and learn to focus your energy rather than allowing it to run rampant. We have observed and many of you will understand this immediately, when you have taken care of your appearance; you have washed, groomed with meticulous care you will be rewarded with the feeling of joy and a renewal of healthy energy that is dynamic and bright.

Being spiritually whole you have your spiritual requirements met. One of your spiritual needs may be the need to feel connected to the spirit realm and this can be met through meditation or prayer and is most effective when done daily. When you are coming from a Whole place you have given up the fear of surrender. You have learned to surrender to what would bring your serenity and peace of mind. It is important to discover how to respond and react in ways that are healthy and not destructive. When you have control over yourself, you will not be easily pulled down by the diverse stresses of your normal day, such as financial, time related and relationship stress. When you begin to feel you are separating from your Self, remember who you are, your truth and that you are Whole.

We see often many lovely hearts that automatically evaluate and interpret what they are observing. This skill isn’t always needed for every situation. It’s important to determine what is life-threatening and what is not. When you are in a situation that is non-threatening, this skill does not serve you well. What this skill can add is toxic additions, more information that do not necessarily describe clearly and purely what it is you are observing. This skill also creates needless worry because many of you that evaluate and interpret everything creates imagery that another person has spoken ill of you, even though you have no evidence to support this thought. These images can be very counterproductive and are the main cause of many of your conflicts.

It is true, most of you are not aware of this thought process going on inside of you. When you see something or hear something, instead of simply recognizing whatever this something is, you react. And with your reactions come worry and your mind becomes busy with countless scenarios and before you know it stress has skyrocketed over something simple because you didn’t take the time to see purely and with clarity…you were not coming from your whole connected self. There are many solutions on how to control your busy mind and to learn how to bring peace and calm into every situation. When you bring peace and calm you invite purity and clarity to join you. It is up to you if purity and clarity remains permanently.

It is important to your journey lovely hearts to learn how to communicate with compassion. This is a skill that works with your awareness of what you are observing, and from additional content you often include such as, imaginations, worry, interpretations, labelling, projections, etc. What you are encouraged to do lovely hearts is bring your thinking process into consciousness checking to see if your thoughts regarding what you have seen and observed is correct or requires adjustment.

We offer a simple visual exercise lovely hearts that will help you understand and see your whole self. Try to imagine your day is being recorded through a camera. At some point through your day, a heated argument between two other people became noticeable and the camera recorded exactly word for word what was said, the volume of their voices and included their much needed facial expressions. But what the camera does not record is interpretations. The camera will not say these people were arguing, the camera will not label one of the two as being stupid or the other being a victim. The camera only records what is there, not what isn’t. It is the people watching that add the labels, interpretations, and other mental images that were not part of the argument at all. Take a moment in your day and try to be the camera and only see what is there without your mind adding additional colourful content that is not there. When you see this way, you will find yourself become clearer and more of your pure whole self.

We understand your need to be free of certain frustrations, fore they reduce your precious energy and you become less effective in the structure of your day. Learn lovely hearts to clearly observe, without the need to evaluate what has occurred – just see. Embrace your experiences and accept your feelings. Develop healthy habits that help you see the value and importance of your primary needs and learn to discern not everything is threatening. Don’t live in a constant state of fear. This kind of living prevents you from finding your true self, let alone becoming whole. We want you to find your wholeness; it is within you to be found.

You will learn to resolve your innate need to blame yourself and others; you will embrace your body, your mind, your heart and your spirit and come home to the Wholeness of you. This is your journey; you are the one making the decisions and choices that will bring you along this path. We have infinite Faith in each lovely heart that this will be achieved at a speed that is “perfect” for each of you. Once you finally realize your wholeness and you have consciously corrected the areas that required your attention, you will know you have come home to your Self. And your whole Self is pure and your whole self sees clearly.

I AM Archeia Lady Purity through Julie Miller


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