End The UFO Cover-Up? Are You Kidding – We Are Making Trillions!

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Source: MessageToEagle.com – 9/3/12, by Ed Komarek

Thanks to: http://soundofheart.org/galacticfreepress/content/end-ufo-cover-are-you-kidding-we-are-making-trillions-0

MessageToEagle.com – It’s been tough to stand up against a politically and financially powerful unknown adversary that is well funded and involved in the creation of the CIA, NSA, and MJ-12 in the United States, and other intelligence organizations in western European countries.

We can assume that this adversary was immediately made aware of the 1947 Roswell crash and even other extraterrestrial crashes before Roswell.

However it was Roswell that seemed to push government leaders and those industrialists, bankers and European royalty that pulled the financial strings of government, into action to protect their self-interest and to exploit special access to alien technologies. Ben Rich¹, former head of the Lockheed Skunkworks, was not joking when he said:

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