Konstantinos: Messages from the Cosmic Order of the Infinite #1

Openhearted Rebel


[Hello friends. Below is a picture that I received (and depicted later) of the ’emblem’ of a collective that calls itself  ‘The Cosmic Order of the Infinite’. This name came all of a sudden in my mind as a phrase that carried a different from mine energy. It was very high for sure.

Then, on that day, Monday June 10th 2013, they started giving me some messages and since then, they continue to do so in different hours of almost every day (that’s the reason for the numbers). Sometimes I don’t get anything from them for some days, maybe because part of me isn’t ‘available’ for that specific amount of time and part of them maybe because they accept to wait for a while or probably because they just give their messages on the ‘right’ time.

I also got the impression that if we read each message of theirs…

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