June 21st Energy Update – Multidimensional Ocean

Multidimensional Ocean

o-SUMMER-SOLSTICE-facebookHi everybody, no message as such today from anybody, as I am feeling very tired and in muscular tension, under these circumstances a message never comes through.

However, i thought I would share my own impressions of today’s energies, which has been confired by many facebook friends.

The energies feel rather heavy to me, although there is a definite finer energy behind the current heaviness.

The immune system seems to be weakened, the nervous system is also under some amount of strain. Nervousness and tensinos arise easily today, due to the planetary configuration.

It feels to me like some people are finding it difficult to let go of the increase of day light, and resent the receeding of the days from now on.

Much impatience is also in the air and short temper, this I have witnessed online also, but what is new there, you would ask me?

This is…

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