Meline Lafont – El Morya: The Ascension Process of the Descending of the Masters in you all

Openhearted Rebel

El Morya ~ The Ascension process of the Descending of the Masters in you all ~ as channeled by Méline Lafont

Master El  Morya
Greetings  everyone. My most respectful salutations from the highest frequency of my  being, I Am Master El Morya.

The  collective of the Ascended Masters, all of them, descended into a frequency  making it possible for you to meet us in your Being as the real connection can  now become fact in a conscious way.

You will find us in the exact same locations  as where you dwell yourself and where you sense an uplifting feeling of energy,  an uplifting effect of Love in an aspect of the Light. We, as Masters, ground  the Light in a thorough way by descending in someone’s consciousness and his/her  incarnation in order to not only connect with the soul but also to see ourselves  reflected in all the Love that…

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