SIRIUS B on Creating in the LOVE that IS in TRUTH

SIRIUS B on Creating in the LOVE that IS in TRUTH
15 July 2013
Karen Doonan

Dear ones we are the BEings from Sirius B and we come to guide and to support as all begins to shift and to change vibrationally upon and within planet earth. ALL that has been released is now being transmuted and re-integrated back into the higher dimensional frequencies. Many are now able to reach the frequency needed to access the higher dimensional timelines but still struggle with the very human logical mind that tries to teach that what is “seen” by the naked human eye is reality. Dear ones this is not TRUTH and is not supported by the new earth and her new energetic signature. For those who are caught in this patterning of behaviour a static period may be experienced, where it FEELS as if all has stopped and has paused. This is due to the frequencies that are in effect repelling each other, this creates a sort of a empty space where nothing manifests and the frustration that this causes to the human vehicle is intense.

We ask for you to understand fully that the lower dimensional timelines are now closed to many of you. Those who have gone through the clearing and cleansing process and moved out of the karmic dimensional timelines now have access to the higher dimensional timelines, there is no “option” for want of a better human word to regress back to the thought patterns that are created out of these lower dimensional frequencies for they are no longer anchored within the human vehicle. Such is the repetition of the human vehicle, the need to have a “pattern” ,the need for “routine” that often the old patterns are connected to without a thought and this is what we ask for you to look closely at. What is left when a pattern of frequency is dissolved and transmuted is an “echo”, it is a like a ghost if you will. It has no strength and no form and yet “APPEARS ” to be there. Many are holding to this “ghost” still allowing the human logical brain to teach them that the old is still in place and that the “ghost” is real.

We are here to help support at this time and to help move you ALL into the higher dimensional timelines in TRUTH, this is the letting go of ALL patterning, of the TRUST and FAITH in SELF that allows you to experience NEW ways of BEing and living that are out with the patterns you have been taught in this your human life experience.

When you find yourself in this holding pattern we guide for you to go back into the heart space and allow the LOVE that IS to fully flow within and around your BEing, it may help to focus on the heart space and focus on the golden energies of the new GOLDEN AGE OF HUMANKIND infusing the heart and the heart glowing a glorious shimmering GOLD. FEEL the emotions as they are then fully transmuted and allow any emotions that arise to be released. There is no servitude in holding on to ANY of the 3D earth life as it was taught TO YOU. Life on planet earth under her old energetic frequency serves no one and the “ghost” of the old earth must now be fully dissolved.

The new energies are heightening specifically to address this situation and we guide for ALL to allow the flow of the new energies. Many are still holding on tightly to what appears to be “outcomes” and holding to these patterns, dear ones miracles can only flow if you ALLOW them to flow. There is much that is way beyond the reference points of human life on this planet that is now manifesting but can only be accesssed by those who are fully within the heart space. Such is the frequency of the LOVE that IS that this frequency will only resonate with TRUTH, if you hold on tightly to any of the lower dimensional frequencies you create a situation where you are trying to anchor two different OPPOSING frequencies. This is akin to holding a naked flame and water in the same hand, one will extinguish the other, Creation in the higher dimensional timelines is manifested with the LOVE That IS, this is the only frequency that is supported in the new earth dear ones, do you see how the old is still trying to teach by leaving the “ghost” in the machine?

We call to all at this time, we ask for you to surrender and release to the very core of your BEing for ALL that is not TRUTH will dissolve and ALL that IS TRUTH will remain. Be at peace dear ones for the new will now birth fully into your waking human life. The more you let go and release the stronger the LOVE that IS may flow through your BEing and out into the world. LOVE is the answer and we guide for you to understand that we talk of the LOVE that IS, this is beyond the human definition of LOVE. ALLOW SELF to LOVE SELF and understand that you are creating each moment to each moment. More brothers and sisters from the stars will step forward to help ALL at this time for ALL ARE ONE and ALL ARE.

Copyright Karen Doonan, all rights reserved.

Article may be reproduced in its entirety of author and authors website is clearly stated as above and the article remains intact and not altered in any way from its written format. FREEdom is the birthright of ALL in the UNIVERSE OF 3 in TRUTH.


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