Prayer for Smooth Transition

Prayer for Smooth Transition
July 18th- 2013
channeled by Elia Nancy

Today, we wish to state a moment of peaceful prayer to all corrupt systems and send them loving energies, for they have played their roles and are no longer needed as we each begin to live our spiritual lives of Peace, Equality, Oneness, True Family, Joy, Laughter, Magical Synchronistic Events and Unconditional Love, Heaven on Earth!

To the current corrupt systems that do not support Life…. We require at this time that with Love they dissolve immediately… We now ask that these systems dissolve peacefully with grace and integrity and make way for a peaceful and smooth transition into a New Earth, in support of God’s love for all of us and according to this next level of our evolution.

This will end all suffering and pain and be replaced with what is real…..

Love and only love is the only Law on this Planet… We ask and give permission that the illusion completely dissolve Now, and may the Loving and Peaceful Government that supports Humanity be announced and bring in the necessary Events and Changes for Humanity’s Freedom.

We ask in Love, that all Humanity’s “I Am Presence” now step forward and dedicate their every thought, word, deed and action as per this part of the divine plan and will of God. So peace, Harmony, Happiness, and Abundance return to all of God’s children.

The reality of God’s Almighty Love for all of Humanity, is Now Manifesting in accordance with the Divine Plan, as we each step into the One River of Life with God…..and co-create the New Earth in Love.

So Be It, and So It Is Done!


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