Commander Ashtar- July 20th 2013

Galactic Federation of Light JULY 20 2013
by Centaurian Anitheiess Jackson
Published on Jul 20, 2013

These messages are consistent to show you that who I am as your Commander Ashtar, of who we are of the angelic realms, of the Galactic Federation of Light are constantly showing you new patterns of the new Earth. When you exist on a pure vibration, then you no longer feel the need to cuss all of the time, you are then at peace with yourself, you no longer feel a need to kill, and you only feel a need to help heal. Healing is a process in which you are not looking to a timeline to bring this in your reality, no, you are the healers, you are here to spread more of your healing presence, in more of your light magic. These transmissions will only attract those of a higher vibration, they will repel all of those souls that are in fear, that are holding onto religious texts that have been rewritten in fear. To see who you are as God is to embrace this as true, and when the Annunaki rewrote your history books, religious texts, they made sure to tell you that there is a God outside of you, that will punish you, that you “must” fear. That way, you fear yourself, and then stay in reincarnation cycles forever, never truly knowing your potential in who you are as a beam of light, of the highest source of the Christ frequency.

These are never religious words, as we of the Galactic Federation of Light, of your angelic guardians have been seeing that most religions divide various humans instead of uniting them all as one. We are here as a collective of light to share with you eternal wisdom that is being recorded in the Akashic Records, and there are no articles that talk about this information in such clarity. Sure, you will have those who are unawakened, who will say with ego, “Well, I just saw an article about ascension, I guess it’s not taking place, because I read that there was suppose to be some type of collapse. Don’t see it happening, sorry. Maybe in a few hundred years.” It is never a laughing matter when you have billions of souls that are going into a black hole of fear, and these souls will exactly experience what they have been creating. In creating more greed, fear, harm, violence, you will see that this is a reality that most humans create daily, and this is setting such souls up for reincarnation cycles of more planets based in separation. You need to have a tremendous amount of patience to work for our light team daily and take no days off to share your true abilities as an Extraterrestrial light being. Those that are just activated for a short time will act as if you are not aware of the truth, as that is the way mind control works, it works against ascension, as when we as one galactic crew disclose such truths, we already are aware that it will reach a few souls.

One day all of these messages will be shared as your old religious texts are shared to show how the ascension process was layered on your planet to bring in a new reality based on pure unconditional love. It is simple to be unconditionally loving, it is difficult to be hateful, as the more hateful a soul is the more draining their energies feel, and there are many star seeds, light workers, humans that will say with ego, “Man, I feel so drained. What is going on?” The more drained you feel the more you are holding onto fear patterns, judgments, and naturally it is affecting how you interact in your daily experience of life. These are ways that you are able to see that in reaching higher states of awareness, in a sense of clearness more, then you are reflecting only information that is pure, that is true from heaven. All messages that will not talk about the collapse, but a “recovery” are of no truth, there will not be a “recovery” of the old broken debt based systems, that has most humans going around insane, killing, portraying violence, deep stress, and hate for life. All of that is a lower frequency that is quickly being removed from this planet, with or without the humans, as those humans choosing to take their ascension process seriously are rising by detaching from such ways of being.

(Con’t) by listening now…


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