Suzanne Lie: The Arcturians – Leaving the Hologram and Releasing Time

Openhearted Rebel

Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

VisitShipThe Arcturians: Leaving the Hologram and Releasing Time. Through Suzanne Lie – July 22, 2013.

We the Arcturians hear the collective call from those of you on Ascending Earth who have attended meetings on our Mothership while in your night bodies. Many of you had a brief memory of this visit upon waking, but quickly forgot everything but a vague image.

However, many of you had a dream just before you awoke. This dream was an energy package, much like a syllabus of a lecture that was placed in your consciousness. I will now translate this energy package into a third dimensional language.

Many of you had a dream of a Being of Light taking your hand and asking you if you were ready to leave the hologram. Before you could answer, we informed you that you would leave your holographic reality on ‘automatic…

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