The sphinx speaks- You have the power, really?

The sphinx speaks you have the power, really?
10 August 2013 Channeler: Petra Margolis

The sphinx speaks you have the power, really?

Something you are being told through so many messages, but understanding and working with this power is something that is not talked about.

It is very easy to tell someone you have the power to change anything and everything, but the truth is different in many ways.

The power talked about is a spiritual power that is barely noticeable and or becomes manifested in the physical reality.

For example, in the spiritual reality you can think I want an apple and it will appear, in the physical reality you can think I want an apple and you will have to go to the store to get one. Manifesting an apple out of thin air is not a reality at this moment.

Within the spiritual reality you can dream up many different realities you would like to see manifest, within the physical reality you are dependent also upon what others would like to manifest..

It becomes so easy to fall into dream realities as you are being told on a continuous basis through many channels that would like to see their dream world manifested and in a way have fallen into their own dream reality from where they channel their messages.

This is especially true for you who would like to manifest a peaceful loving world but are disappointed each day by what is actually present within the real world.

You have already created your own dream reality and are now being told that if you only use your power, take control of your power, become your power, it will be so.

How many of you are within that dream reality at this moment, the dream where all is happening the way you would like it manifested within the 3D reality.

It becomes an escape route for many as the messengers and messages are there to assist you in escaping what real power stands for.

Real power stands for the ability to be within balance, to manifest within the connection within fully and truly without moving out of the real experience your being has chosen.

Manifesting your true being upon an in the earth reality is true power.

Manifesting a dream reality is an escape route many will take and use as it can be a learning experience, but never will be a manifested reality except for in your own reality.

Your being is here to be part of this reality and to make changes, but the changes are within each being and might not become fully manifested within the overall reality you exist in until each being has found their way to manifest their true being upon earth and within the earth reality.

This is the real power you are seeking.

From one source to another

August 10, 2013
Petra Margolis


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