Suzanne Lie ~ The Arcturians: The Opened Corridor

Openhearted Rebel

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We are the Arcturians speaking with you in the NOW. You are aware that you are in the midst of our Arcturian Corridor, which has been opened wide by the astrological/astronomical portal that opened July 29 and closes when a similar configuration is repeated on August 25. During this earth time there is a frequency of light, which is focused directly into the core of the planet and the bone marrow of your body.


Of course opening and closing are third dimensional terms, as our portals are always open. The correct, multidimensional manner to say this is that the intense energy fields as of July 29 highlight the portal. These energy fields will be active until August 25. At that time, the energies will slowly disperse. Our Corridor will still, infinitely be awaiting your entry, but the “doorway” will not be quite as obvious.

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