You will experience the fireworks!

You will experience the fireworks!

14 August 2013 – 1:30pm | Jimmy

Many of you have recently enjoyed the experience of “everything clicking into place.” You may feel clearly guided and may have overcome the fear of not knowing what you should be doing. Those of you who have experienced this feeling have risen in vibration to the vibratory levels currently pervading your atmosphere. Those of you who are still undergoing major challenges are rapidly approaching this joyful experience. The greater the challenges you face, the greater your opportunity for facing and overcoming those challenges and thereby raising your vibration to the current levels.

When you first incarnated onto this planet, you were like a seed planted into the soil. The soil was dense and dark. You began growing roots, anchoring yourself deep into the soil, attaching yourself to anything and everything within your reach. At the same time, another part of you began growing upward toward the light of the sun. There were countless challenges along the way, as your upward paths were obstructed with rocks and roots from other lightworkers. Many of you lightworkers have finally broken through to the light of the sun and are experiencing the joy of “everything clicking into place.” Yet you are still saplings with unlimited potential for growing and blossoming into more beautiful and joyful expressions of the divine.

You have been releasing fearful energies and replacing them with love. Many of you can feel this process as it occurs. A tingling sensation rises up your spine and exits through your crown. Your crown opens up and takes in packets of energy, spreading it throughout your body. Your heart chakra opens up and sucks in packets of energy, expanding outward and filling your energy field with love and joy. Your pineal gland opens up and takes in packets of energy, expanding outward and opening your mind to unlimited possibilities. Eventually, every one of you will reach a critical point where you have released all of your fearful energy and are completely filled with the energy of love. Your energy body will expand to encompass the entire multiverse.

Every one of you will eventually blossom into fully ascended beings of light. You will experience the fireworks you crave. There will be no mistake when you have finished the process and have acheived a light/love quotient of 100%. The threefold flame in your heart will ignite, your ears will buzz, your extremities will tingle and start vibrating at a rate not previously known to you, and you will suddenly feel as if you have been engulfed in a cool flame. Every molecule in your body will dance with joy. Your heart will feel the joy of a thousand lifetimes. This will happen in a moment, as if somebody lit a kerosene lamp. You will hear the swooshing sound of a flame igniting. It will be like plugging yourself into a super generator. If you are not prepared, you may become afraid of your own amazing power. Fear not, for the fear will pull you back down into a lower light quotient. You are ascending into your natural state of being. At first, you may not be able to maintain this level of consciousness for extended time periods. However, with time and practice, you will maintain this state of being at all times, and will enjoy myriad benefits as a result.

From this level of consciousness, you may leave your body at will and travel throughout the cosmos, teleporting to wherever you choose in full consciousness. You will enjoy fully developed telepathic abilities, and will be able to communicate with your galactic brothers and sisters with ease. You may choose to remain in your physical body and enjoy increased manifestation abilities. You will no longer have to eat, drink, or sleep, because you will be fully empowered by divine energy. You will have the power to change your physicality to whatever you want with conscious thought. Your new multidimensional operating system will be fully functional, designed to give you whatever you desire in the now moment. You will change the world, leading by example. People will see what you can do, and their minds will expand along with their hearts. Humanity will ascend, one person at a a time, but the ascension of humanity will accelerate exponentially with every person who completes the ascension process.

Many of you will experience this shift before the end of the year. 2013 is a year of completion, wherein all of codes and formatting for full ascension will be available for download by the end of the year. The information will be downloaded to all those open to receive it. The world awaits the first person to complete the process in this era. That person will break ground for others to follow. This is truly the first year of the ascended Earth, and a critical turning point of one of the most amazing journeys ever imagined.

Channeled from my higher Self


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