Archangeloi of the ELOHIM message for 17th August

Archangeloi of the ELOHIM message for 17th August 13
17 August 2013

Karen Doonan

Beloved ones we are here with you as you now move into position in order to walk through the gateways that are now opening, these gateways are the dimensional timelines that are accessible through the UNIVERSE of 3 in TRUTH. As Mother Earth now has begun to find her balance and remembered how to breathe then she is able to provide the stability required of the host planet. This stability will see that which is often termed “Impossible” begin to unfold around you and through you. For you are VAST BEings of LIGHT.

As you release and let go of the 3d earth paradigms and the frequencies that have kept you chained to the lower dimensional timelines then you gain access to these new higher dimensional timelines and realities. We guide for clarity that this has never been attempted before in your human physical form in your waking reality. Many of you may be experiencing various physical symptoms and we guide for you to allow all to flow. Do not allow the logical human mind to try to teach that you are ill or that all is not well, you are merely physically adjusting to being in a new vibrational space.

The connections to those around you will now intensify and it is vital that you begin to find balance and to detach from the lower dimensional timelines fully. This may provoke many reactions from those around you who are unaware of the vibrational changes that are now anchoring upon and within Mother Earth, trying to re-adjust to their lower energetic signatures is of no servitude for this will prolong the “leaving” process that many of you are now entering. The walk through the new dimensional timeline doorways at all times is guided by your SOUL. Some of you may go into various different dimensional timelines that overlap briefly with what is dissolving. This is to ensure the smooth “TRANSITION” from one reality to another, this is needed at a human conscious waking mind level so as to cause as little discomfort to the human vehicle as possible. This may be reflected in your outer waking reality as others becoming more supportive or moving from you. There will no longer be any middle ground as the frequency ranges are now too far apart to accommodate this.

For those of you who are on accelerated ascension timelines in order to further help from within the human race you will now find the expansion of ALL to be of benefit. Viewing the world as the frequency and vibration that it is in TRUTH will allow you to circumvent many of the holding patterns that are available as a respite from the acceleration. Let us confirm this further for you at this time. There are many different 3d overlays that are created at this point, all 3d overlays work to serve those around you and not you necessarily. This is to allow for the flow of those who are here to serve at higher levels to move into place. So very human scenarios are created around them in order to allow them to be in certain places at certain times. We wish for ALL to become more mindful at human conscious waking mind level of the 3d overlays in order to help them make sense of all that now unfolds around them and through them.

ALL is in TRANSITION at this point, there are no “final” resting points to be established until transition fully to the new earth and the chosen dimensional timeline has been reached. This may show as chaos or upheaval and we guide for you to find and maintain balance as much as possible, viewing everything beyond the human experience is the key to working with these energies.

At a human society level there will be announcements that can only be made now that Mother Earth has achieved her balance in the UNIVERSE of 3 in TRUTH. The disclosure process will now expand and deepen as ALL now move into place and begin the process that will see the human race reunited with ALL in TRUTH.

We draw your human conscious waking minds to the astrological alignments that are due to take place in your waking reality and we draw your attention to the sacred geometrical shape of METATRONS CUBE. We ask for you to anchor this shape in each energy centre within your human vehicle to allow the unlocking of further coding that you birthed INTO and WITHIN upon incarnation into the human race. These codings will become fully active and “live” over the coming linear days in your waking reality.

We place the coding of 333 within the heart space of ALL at this time and we ask for the cellular memories to be reset to the ORIGINAL BLUEPRINT of the human race. As you work to come into balance you are now preparing to receive the coding that will be unveiled upon the planet by our human emissaries who are being energetically prepared to activate these new codings and blueprint.

All is not as it appears to the naked human eye upon planet earth and we guide that you are now in the process that will see you understand your origins and your creation in TRUTH. We are the Archangeloi and we walk with you at all times, we have always walked with you and now our human emissaries will begin the work to align heaven on earth as earth as in heaven for ALL ARE ONE and ALL ARE in TRUTH.

copyright Karen Doonan, all rights reserved

http://www.crystalline-sanctuary. com

Article may be reproduced in its entirety if author and authors website is clearly stated. No permission is granted to change the format of this article which is written. Freedom will now flow across and within the human race from cellular level outwards. FOR ALL ARE ONE.


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