The sphinx speaks- Can we agree on one definition about ascension?

18 August 2013
Petra Margolis

The sphinx speaks can we agree on one definition about ascension

There is much that can be said about ascension and the explanation of ascension as many are confusing different forms of what they call ascension.

Let us define what ascension used to be defined as.

We will take one example that most know of and has been written about.

Jesus, he was laid down in the cave and after three days, his physical body was transformed into a light body. Yet, people were able to see him in his physical form when he appeared before them.

Ascension can be defined as a full transformation of the physical body into a spiritual or energy body, yet still being able to have a physical appearance upon earth.

How would you be able to prove this ascension?

The proof would be, if someone says they have ascended, they can physically appear before you, but also disappear where you cannot see them. If they have ascended, they would be able to physically appear and disappear everywhere upon earth.

Saying you have ascended but are still within a physical body would not be considered ascension and maybe we can offer a different phrase or name for these types of ascension.

We would call it expansion, when someone says they have ascended into the 5th dimension or maybe even beyond, we would call this expansion as what this person has done is reached a new level, a new connection within their own being and in fact expanded their human understanding and being into a new level of their spiritual being.

It is in fact not really ascension into the 5th dimension as the human physical body still mostly resonates within a 3rd dimensional frequency, but it is an expansion. So instead of your human being existing or being present within only the 3rd dimensional frequencies, the human being now exists within the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensional frequency simultaneously.

This requires some adjustment of the human being and understanding and this is what explains the experiences many have of moving between these 3 dimensional frequencies. Many are having problems adjusting to integrating the experience that is occurring at the 5th dimensional level within the human 3d level of understanding and integration.

We hope this clears up some of the confusion some are experiencing as there is a need for some definition that you actually can agree upon to gauge what is really happening for many during the awakening process upon earth.

From one source to another
August 17, 2013
Petra Margolis


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