Waking Up From The First Day …the Ascended Lady Masters

Waking Up From The First Day …the Ascended Lady Masters
29 August 2013
Channeler: Hilarion

Waking Up From The First Day ..



Today is a day, and night and morning of recapitulation on the final morning tomorrow as human beings on earth are now beginning to awaken from the first day of darkness.

Awakening from the first day of darkness.

The darkness or sleepiness was from, is from the added pressure of the descent of your being toward earth, physical earth, as that is where your physical body is located.

It is, has certainly been a pressure upon you.

But now is the beginning of a time of ‘semi reaping’,

as you are just beginning to open your eyes , awaken them begin to, into a newer vision…

not yet perfected, not yet even envisioned, only partly known,

but the beginning of a real beginning.

Real..because it is New.

Because of the cosmic dispensations and certain actions, you will now be entering the aquarian age of freedom and love with more resilience, as the weakening caused by the influence upon your energies and realities by basically others also with you.. will become lessened.

To say.. the seeing of your eyes will have one third less distortion caused by the influence of other’s thoughts, beliefs, realities and energies. So . you will have a partial clearer, or semi clearer seeing which is understanding through perceiving and processing the incoming light spiritually or physically… accurately…

The current effect will be more near the physical self.

Why is accuracy important? Because your personal integral development and growth is based upon understanding, at many levels.
If there is limitation or distorting sheer forces upon the situation,
you are forced to process ‘poor signals, poor reception’.. thus you never can draw proper conclusions…

Thus you are always waylayed ..waiting..and waiting. This is not our way. You will be more resilient. It is your time now to begin your elevation by traveling with more reality and freedom in your inner worlds. Within your inner worlds.

Yet be careful, as your mind can defeat you and deny the unusual perceptions quickly, as you run

back to the unadventurous safety of self confinement.

Choose.. and you will be fine.

We love you , are with you,

Ascended Lady Masters,


hilarion channeling ascended masters share freely namaste


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