Sirian Archangel Hermes

Sirian Archangel Hermes 8/31/13
31 August 2013

Channeler: Sirian Archangel Hermes

Greetings fellow beings of light! I come to you now as the growing numbers of consciously aware people increases to new levels. Wonderful indeed, this will result in my messages becoming more frequent as I have stated in recent sessions, I am becoming manifest in the minds of more people now and this will result in greater clarity and frequency between us. It can no longer be denied, that a shift is underway, and has been for some time now, the only reason some have not yet felt it is because everyone develops at their own pace.

I come to speak on this matter, of development. As stated, you are seeing those who are becoming aware and those who continue to remain unaware. This will soon come to a point in which those who are aware, will begin to see incredible and amazing things in the sky, and within themselves, that others cannot. This is going to result in some level of chaos and confusion, as those who are aware will find it difficult to discuss with others what they are seeing and feeling. They will be labeled as insane or delusional, indeed, the philosopher Plato was correct, the parable of the cave is now becoming manifest. Be prepared for this, and shield yourselves from the chaos and confusion from those who remain unaware. Let them go their own way, simply reveal to them what you are inclined to reveal.

This leads me to my next message, about letting others go their own way. No matter what is said, most humans cannot affirm something as truth, until it is physically manifest in front of their own eyes. The sense of sight has become the most dominant force to many upon this world. This is how the Illuminati and dark cabal can control so many minds with efficiency, their symbol, the all seeing eye, reveals this. It is the gift of sight which can blind many to developing their other mind senses. Many simply feel, if it cannot be seen, that it is not reality. This could not be any farther from the truth however, simply begin to focus upon your other senses, and your other mind senses and you too shall affirm this. The sense of smell can detect gases that cannot be seen by the eye. The sense of sound can detect frequencies that also, cannot be seen. It has become the standard for many to see only with their eyes. The result has become your society as it is now.

There will come triggers, that you must become aware of. Triggers that will not only awaken the unaware, but also further awaken those who have become aware. These may manifest in several forms, such as storms that seem more severe, different somehow, from other storms. It may also manifest in synchronicity at undeniable intervals in your conscious experiences. Another form will be things that have long seemed to be only science fiction or fantasy, becoming manifest. Do not doubt them, you must always trust in what you are feeling. You must learn to follow the inner voice that guides you all, even though at times it may seem illogical or irrelevant, if you begin to follow it without doubts, it shall guide you to the path of enlightenment. It will help to further develop your other mind senses, such as telepathy. Often times what you are thinking about someone else, they are also thinking about you. Trust in that which you feel, and speak of it! The reactions you get will come as a surprise, and the further synchronicity will help with affirmations and motivation.

As you begin to affirm more of these cosmic triggers, you shall be endowed with divine knowledge. There will be things that you just know, even if you are unable to explain them to others. The Sirian Archangelic League has been watching you all, and we are now making connections with those whom are ready to work with us. Know that we are here, and when you call to us we shall respond in some form or another, depending upon your own level of spiritual and conscious development. We ask you to remain patient, as your call may go unanswered for some duration of linear time, but know that every call is answered eventually.

There are a great deal of distractions that are happening now in your conscious experience. Know that as the shift becomes manifest further, these distractions will increase. The dark cabal scrambles to maintain their illusion of power over you, this shall manifest in propaganda such as war, disasters, horror and despair. Give not into the negative emotions that feed them! Shield yourself with the power of your mind, knowing that the distractions are to keep people unaware of what is happening within their own being.

Focus on within, on that which you can control, and that which is outside of you will begin to shift along with you. Do not let your emotions master you, rather, become the master of your emotions. Reactions will be that which shall define you. In infinite love, I am looking at you this way. Blessings in light!


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