The sphinx speaks- Plan A and Plan B

The sphinx speaks Plan A and Plan B
16 September 2013
Channeler: Petra Margolis

The sphinx speaks Plan A and Plan B

As the earth is changing, humans are and will change, the question is how fast?

As a human you can have several ideas of what should or could happen, yet manifesting these ideas is not an easy task and is influenced by your circumstances as well as your own perseverance in following and creating the outcome for your ideas.

We like to give you some idea, or some choices as you might say.

There has been one example in history that has brought about great change not even that long ago, about 2000 years. If you belief the story or not, the change happened to be of great importance as it did change a great part of humanity.

You might say the change was good or bad depending upon your own belief system, but the change is a real one.

What happened that made this change reality?

What was the most important part of the story?

The introduction of one God?

That was something already present.

The coming of Jesus and his defiance of established religion?

This happened many times in history so would not be considered something new.

The one thing he did though, or what people think he did, was ascend into the heavens.

He ascended out of the earth reality; he changed his physical body into a light body, or energy body.

That was the one thing many do not talk about, as they are more interested in what he might have said, how he might have lived, what his teachings were.

His greatest teaching of all is being discarded as you as humans have such a strong attachment to the earth reality that even the word ascension has become a bad or negative word sometimes.

This is where we start however with Plan A.

Plan A would be ascending, or changing, transforming the physical body in such a way that you can completely become your source energy upon earth, completely releasing every attachment to the physical reality and see the energy or spiritual reality on every level.

Plan B is something different.

Plan B is where you keep your attachments to the physical reality and work from that point into changing the earth reality, or at least your own view, or your own reality.

Plan A would be considered more of a fast track choice as you might be able to imagine the consequences of such a happening.

Plan B is the longer road, yet not less traveled.

There are many out there thinking they can ascend into the 5th dimension for example, yet as we have explained some time ago, the 5th dimension you already have access to and is not considered to be a non-physical dimension as far as your physical appearance.

There is so much to learn, just imagine that as humans you can only see 1% of what is really out there, you see with the physical eyes; you see some with the spiritual eyes.

Most humans really see only 1% of their own being, the physical part.

Just imagine the 99% of the spiritual reality of your being that many still cannot see.

This is where Plan A becomes almost impossible, we say almost as on an individual basis some can accomplish or will accomplish Plan A.

Plan B is the one many will follow; Plan B has many roads to be traveled and will be a longer road, yet we cannot say it is better or worse than Plan A.

As humans you each have your own choices and Plan A is a more personal choice than Plan B in some way as it does not involve much of what Plan B offers.

Yet once you can accomplish Plan A, Plan B becomes an easier road and it will become an easier road for the ones that chose to follow Plan B.

Just imagine, having just one example of an ascension the way we described, or maybe two or three. Just a couple of humans that are able to transform the human physical body into the energy body and being able to stay present upon earth. You being able to see them present upon earth in a physical appearance as well as their energy appearance.

What change would that bring to the earth? An example that whatever you belief to be, or belief can be a spiritual existence is really appearing in front of you.

Plan A is the hard road to travel, Plan B is the easy road to travel, and both are roads traveled by many and are available at all times.

None is better than the other, they are both personal choice.

From one source to another
September 13, 2013
Petra Margolis


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