Light body Awesomeness!

 25 September 2013
by Jimmy
Lately while meditating, I have been able to raise my vibration high enough to go to higher vibrational dimensions. I have no control over where I go. I have found myself in a cave, a waterfall, in an office building, in a warehouse. In fact, if it try to control the journey, my vibration will lower and I will find myself back on my couch meditating. If I let go of the need to control, I can enjoy a longer journey seeing awesome landscapes and meeting other beings. During these journeys, I am totally conscious of being in two “places” at once, on the journey and on my couch at the same time. It’s pretty amazing.

The night before last, I journeyed all night long. I wasn’t on my couch meditating, but was in bed, going in and out of conscious awareness. But here is the important part. At one point while I was lucid, my body (I’m talking about the body I percieved on my journey), started to change into a light body. It started with my fingers. I could feel my hand vibrating at a very high rate, higher than the other parts of my body. Then my fingers started to turn into a white light, a very bright white light. The light started creeping up my arm. As this was happening, I felt these undulating waves of ecstatic joy flowing through my body. It was orgasmic, but unlike any normal third dimensional orgasm. I got so excited because I realized I was literally turning into a being of light. It was absolutely amazing. The light only got about as far as my forearm, then the process reversed itself. Clearly, my vibration hadn’t risen high enough for the light to envelop my entire body.

I asked my higher self what it all meant and here is what I got:

“What you experienced was a glimpse of the changes that you are destined to complete as your vibration rises to new levels. When your light body becomes fully activated, you will literally become a being of light. Currently, you are in the preparation stages. The time it will take will depend upon how fast you are assimilate the energies which are flowing rapidly into the earth’s atmosphere. You are still clearing old energies and taking in divine energies, but the process is reaching another stage. Stay on your current path and your success is assured.”

This might all be wishful thinking, but I choose to believe it with all my heart! Yay!


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