The Sphinx speaks

In reality as humans in this lifetime you are all still novices on the path of physical and spiritual evolution

25 September 2013


The sphinx speaks- in reality as humans in this lifetime you are all still novices on the path of physical and spiritual evolution.


We do not have to proof our point as it becomes very clear that your physical evolution is in reality a road that is still a road far to travel.   The human body has deteriorated from a perfect body in a body that is prone to many deceases as well as spiritually the human body is in many ways disconnected from much of your spiritual bodies.   The spiritual evolution is happening but the notion that many in reality cannot see much with their physical eyes is telling you that you are in reality still novices in the spiritual reality in many ways.   Much of your knowledge or perceived knowledge in many ways is coming in still through others as you try to find your way to truth above all.   You like to be guided, to get answers and yes to belief in systems that have been proven to be wrong many times. Yet, the feelings of satisfaction that you get from feeling that you are right is many times very important and you like to be right as a human as the truth is that you really do not know what is real truth or not many times.

The reality of many universes, many other beings and more is something hard to grasp and all you can do is accept it is or might be there and then move on to what you think is truth, to what you belief to be truth.   You would like a reality where duality is not present, yet the feeling of wanting to hurt, wanting to be right, wanting to be the one that is seen as compassionate, loving and kind is clashing within your own feelings and mind many times.   Duality is not what you want, yet when you feel others are not right you have this urge to stand up in a way that is bringing the duality to the forefront within you and you negate this by thinking, I am loving, compassionate and this other person is not.   I am better than them, look how I am standing up for someone and how compassionate and loving I am.   Duality at the forefront and duality within you is something that cannot be ignored as it is the reality upon earth and in many other places within your universe as well as other universes.


In our previous message we already brought some of this to your attention as the notion of oneness is something that is seen in many different ways.   What if your oneness is only supporting certain ones you like and others need to be ignored or told they are wrong.   We see this many times in the nice and kind words you use, but the intent behind the message is very clear.   You feel some need to be told they are wrong, but to avoid actually saying this you use words that seem to be supportive of some and can be used to make your intent clear of what you really feel and think.   Actions speak for themselves and so do words.   Your evolution as a physical being, but especially a spiritual being relies upon being brutally honest within yourself and acknowledge to yourself what your real intent is as it many times is clearly seen by others better then yourself.   It is a lot more difficult to be honest with yourself than it is to be honest about what you think others should do and how others should act.   And many times you are not even honest to others about what you really think or feel about them, but you hide behind words and actions that make you feel better as you showed them what you really feel and think, but you did it in a way that no one can really say or proof what you really meant as your words are used in a way that they are hiding the real truth about what you think and feel.


It is interesting that many of you would like to see a world where telepathic communication is happening, as in a way this would reveal the real truth and feelings behind your words and actions even more.   And yes many of you are novices in that way as you think that many cannot see already behind your actions and words.   You think words, thoughts carry energy, you know they have an effect, yet you seem to think that many are not capable of translating this as many are, yes they are, still novices.   Yet, you think you can translate the energies, you can feel the truth.   There is still so much you do not understand about the spiritual realities, and even the physical reality.   The physical body is in many ways still a mystery and yet you think you know the spiritual reality.   The spiritual reality is in many ways so much larger than just the physical reality and you still have so much to discover in only the physical reality and the interaction of the spiritual reality with the physical reality.   To think you know the real truth would be considered a somewhat incomplete belief as you cannot see much of the spiritual reality yet.


You see in many ways you as humans are still novices and even though much of your spiritual being is not, as a human and with the capability of the human understanding you are novices at the beginning of the path to real truth about the physical and spiritual realities.

Being honest with yourself could be a start as you think about the physical and spiritual reality and what you really know about both.


From one source to another September 25, 2013 Petra Margolis


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