Listen To The Earth — A Message From Talia

1 October 2013


Greetings. I am Talia of the Council for the Assistance to Earth and the leader of the Pleiadian Alliance With Earth. I am the Head Pleiadian on the Council for the Assistance to Earth and speak on behalf of the Pleiadians to the Council for the Assistance to Earth.

Open your eyes! Open your ears! Do you not hear Her? Do you not see Her? The Mother Earth?

When I was a child I played, I laughed, I sang. Now I am an adult, and do you know what I do? I play! I laugh! I sing! I sing for the angels and I am an angel. I am on the angel frequency. Oh, I do love other angels! For they have beautiful voices, beautiful sounds that fill my ears with a thousand thoughts of love, joy, kindness, gratitude and compassion for all. When they sing, the deepest, blackest darkness lifts. It falls into a sea of light that shadows avoid. Only goodness can be in their company when they are singing such exuberance.

People forget who they are when they are an adult. It was such a simple thing, to be, when they were children. Children know how to be and yet adults don’t know how to be. It amuses me. How can a person forget how to be? Do you understand how puzzling that is? You have forgotten how to be. To be. To be! How does a person forget how to be? It’s very simple, isn’t it? Or isn’t it? Maybe just being has to be learned when you are in a human experience. So, let’s learn. Let’s learn to play, to laugh, to sing like an angel, to sing like a dolphin, to hum like a humming bird knowing that our food is there for us and nothing is not there for us. We have everything we need. And we do not need to strive. It is by simply being that we acquire everything that is already ours that we need.

To sing with the angels you must be on their frequency and the only way to be on their frequency is to be one with them, to be aligned with them, to forget what you think is so important, for a few minutes and sit and do nothing. Do nothing. Just sit there. Just be. Be silent. Be still and for once be in the present moment. Be in the present! That is how you can learn to be. That is one of the ways. First you must take your mind out of the past and out of the future, out of what may be, out of what was, out of what could have been, and put it in now! You are in the now, so be in the now. Be in the now! Be right now. Don’t be then, don’t be well maybe it could have been if I had only done that. Don’t be in the I was, or in the I hopefully will be. Be in the right here, right now, where all time stands still and only your existence matters. You matter. Your existence matters.

Nothing negative really matters. All it creates are things that will end. Negativity must end. Negativity never really begins anything, it never starts anything. It doesn’t cause anything that will last.

It puzzles me when I see humans doing negative things. They are so different, so very different from us, the Pleiadians, aren’t they? Many Starseeds I’m sure would agree and yet some of you fall into that category. I have to wonder about you. I have to wonder when you are not listening. I have to wonder when you are not looking with your eyes, when you cannot see what is happening, how drastic things have become.

Have you not heard Her? Can you not hear the Mother Earth? You gather in your circles and you send love and healing to the Earth, but it is not enough. It is not enough. It is helping. It is good to send loving energy to the Earth. But you do not hear Her!

I hear Her. I hear Her. There is never a moment when she does not cry. Can you not hear Her? Can you not hear Her?! Can you not hear Her?! You have not listened to Her. Everyone needs someone who will listen to them and you do not listen to Her. You will not look at Her. You will not hear Her. You will not touch Her, not when it comes to Her emotions.You will send her love, but what She needs is to release her negativity that You have put in Her. It is not enough to send love even though it helps. She must be listened to. You will not like it and even though you don’t like it, you must listen. You must listen! If you do not listen there will be grave consequences. The Earth must be allowed to release her toxins in a peaceful way! You must gather and listen to her!

You must not only send love, but you must listen to Her! You will not like it. I do not like it. I don’t like to hear Her crying. There is never a moment when She is not crying, either in one dimension or another, part of Her is always crying. There is laughter and joy as well, but never as much as there is crying. But She cannot release it and She must be helped to release it in a peaceful way or She will release it violently and you will know what She is feeling then.

You must connect with Her. Feel Her sorrow, feel Her pain, feel Her. Feel Her. You will not like it. You will not like it and yet you will change. You will not like it, but when you feel Her you will change. If humanity would hear Her they would change. If humanity would listen, if they would hear Her with their hearts and feel Her and see Her, look at Her, then they would change. They would change. They would open their hearts more to each other. They would be kind to each other. They would not hurt each other. They would not pollute the earth, and I would not hear Her crying.

I am Talia of the Council for the Assistance to Earth and I bid you Namaste.

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