An update on the sixth Gathering around the Pond

aisha north

Dear friends!

As you know, tonight at 21:00 Oslo time we are having our sixth Gathering around the Pond. The CCs wanted me to share this additional information about it with you, so here it is:

“As you have already noticed, these words do come accompanied by some rather intense energetic emissions, and rightly so, as we are already starting to get you ready for tonight’s connective event, through that mission you have given the name the Gatherings. These events are of major importance, not just to those individuals involved, but also this this whole plan, as we are utilizing them to impart a massive amount of energetic information whilst you are all connected to this whole grid of thoughts and projections. For this is indeed something of such a magnitude it can be very difficult to comprehend for a human mind, but when we see them from our point…

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