You should be outraged

 7 October 2013


Hello, this is the dragon

We are giving a short message today. Basically, there are some treaties being worked on by corporations and world powers that are contrary to your ideals towards equality, and will further put power in hands of the elite. This may make you upset. Yet, in spiritual circles, you are often told to be detached. So what do you do?

Our answer is that you can still be detached, yet fulfill your responsibility to participate in the reality towards the betterment of mankind. Namely, you have emotions and those emotions will be triggered when you feel a sense of injustice. These emotions are not meant to be ignored in the name of detachment. Emotions are meant to tell you when something is wrong. It’s a form of intuition. No emotion is inappropriate. Reactions can be inappropriate.

So what we tell you is that you can still be detached, yet engage in a limited sense. What is an appropriate emotional response? It is, for instance, to contact your government and tell them appropriately you are opposed, and spread the word amongst people you know. You are meant to feel powerless, that is the nature of the old program, but through word of mouth you can make huge differences. Why do you think word of mouth is such a good form of marketing? Yet, once you have done this, you can be satisfied that you played your role, helped humanity the way you can, and remain detached. That is, when you don’t have the opportunity and calling for deeper involvement. What we are communicating is that you can channel your emotions in a very constructive, terse, and appropriate way without going off the deep end, crusading or giving up your peace. The ripples you create just from limited dissent and spreading the word while remaining mostly detached is still extremely powerful and the only way that things will change…

…And spiritually, honoring your emotions in an appropriate way is both healthy and fulfilling.

With love, The dragon


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