A message by White Tara

White Tara’s message;

Dear being of love allow me to commend you in your dance of love and bless you with the purity of the Great Spirit for he is here very present as you have opened your soul to his/her ever lasting love. Wise are the words of your heart as you express with sincerity and humility and undeniable truth, You are coming home… You are home!

Yes humanity is being awakened by the light of the creator and you are all sensing the impending change now upon you. Change is absolute and very necessary in the flowing process of existence. It is the moving force behind every step taken for the evolution of the All.

It is through this change that now your star family is being given permission to join you in your evolution by becoming more active and more present in your skies and in your approximate reality. First many of you will be approached by and are being approached by them in your dream state. Many more will start being allowed to see them in the skies as no longer will they be needing to move in a dimensional form and you will see them with your naked eye. Many of your scientists are now seeing their presence near your Sun and around your atmosphere. Many of them have good intentions and are hoping for disclosure but have been force to keep quiet by gag orders. Star family is here to help accelerate your growing process, not to over take it or do it for you but to encourage you by making the masses aware that you are not alone and eventually helping you understand fully how to live as one with the Creator without needing to wholly rely on limited religions but to embrace spirituality as a way of life. Religion is fine as long as it doesn’t interfere in your growth by limiting you through judgement or set dogma.

Deep in your hearts you know Creator is love and his/her love is full of compassion for you all. Through his/her love you are now being every single moment surrounded by love and in fact your entire atmosphere is now formed in a grid of love and it is this grid that is slowly squeezing the all paradigm out of existence and bringing forth the renaissance of light. The peaceful revolution, the peaceful way of life is here embracing you all and through this every moment that passes by your new reality unfolds as your perception changes into one of unity.

Your star family is filled with sense of celebration and joy as they witness the acceleration that has taken place in your growth and more is coming specially in this month of October. Many celestial events are taking place to welcome and to ready the energy to be accepting of the great infusion of light approaching your Earth. Now this process has to be a gradual one in order to be successful as your bodies have to be able to withstand the great shift. It is that very reason why energy is increasing in frequency in increments. Energy moves instantly but in this case it is needed to flow in conjunction and according to divine timing.

Many of you have heard and are aware of the rainbow bridge and believe when I say this, it is now fully functional and it has allowed and makes passible the grand entrance of the Christed chariot the grand carrier of light templates. The many light codes you are soon to receive will completely manifest and awakened your DNA and it is this occurrence that will make you more aware of your many guides and angelic helpers and light beings. You will have soon a celebration that will roar to every corner of existence and you are all the guests of honor.

Now Dear Souls I have a gift to offer you all willing to take a moment to experience my love and my essence.

Start by relaxing your bodies and letting go of any and all earthly matters. Do not worry if your minds insist on flowing with thoughts but gently bring your attention to your crown. Feel your breath as it passes through the bridge of your nose and as you do did simply imagine of the color white. White is the color of purity and pure love. As you imagine the color white hold in your hands the symbol I am giving as you do this it will bring a powerful flow of pure Love and it is this love you sense that connects you to my everlasting heart. Stay in this moment and the deeper you go the deeper you will feel my essence and there you will be filled with my many blessings.

Om Tara ese li atam na chi ki ri.





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