Sirian Archangel Hermes 10/20/13

 21 October 2013

Greetings fellow beings of light. I come to you now with several messages as the rainbow light codes of awakening are being transmitted through the multidimensional nodes of consciousness into your planetary matrix.

I come to speak of the Divine Feminine, and how it has, is, and shall play a key role in your ascension. The aspects of the divine feminine energy are manifest through the nurturing, loving, and healing of the holy spirit. The cosmic womb nurtures all and never asks for payment in return, for the payment is the development of all inhabitants of her womb. Many new age scholars will say that the divine feminine is an aspect of chaos, and they are partially correct in this, for the divine feminine is a mirror, reflecting, and then projecting the energy that was originally cast upon it. She can be love and order, or she can be fear and chaos, it all depends on you, the observer, the host, which energy will you choose to embrace?

The recent lunar eclipse of your linear timeline has opened a new, penumbral portal and many lightworkers will now begin to find what they have long sought after, their perfect consort. It will come quickly and in ways not before seen, there is a good chance that you already know them, and even correspond with them, however the veils of infinite time remain and thus, the awakening cannot yet take place. When this does take place, many veils will fall as long as you truly love one another and are working together in creative ways. It will feel like a fantasy, and that is where those who are truly consorts will go, to a space of their own creation and love. Known to many as the fifth dimension of instant thought to manifestation. It will greatly accelerate both of their conscious evolution, as each can teach the other in perfection and in ways that are exclusive to them. They develop the bonds of telepathy, and are in constant contact even if they are not physically together. Their mission becomes very clear and they work in harmony, thus, abundance will follow for them in whatever they create.

It is the rainbow light codes that awaken the ability to see and feel this energy, it is the divine feminine, it gives contrast and color to the black, white, and grey spectrums of masculine light. If you are seeing rainbows, and you are reading or hearing these words now, then know that these codes are transmitting to you. Remain open to them, remain open to your dreams and what you are feeling. Your guides are here, and they are trying to steer you in the right direction to reach your highest development, to reach ascension!

I come to speak also of the earth changes within your linear timeline. The recent seismic activity that has resulted in new islands being formed is only a fraction of what is to come to your world. As Gaia herself begins to change and restructure, new lands will rise from the depths, and mountain tops will be pushed downward. This process is known by some as terraforming, and by others as nature. With this process comes energies of ancient civilizations, such as Atlantis and Lemuria. The teachings and entities of these ages will again manifest through the planetary host matrix. The recent surge of documentaries featuring Mermaids and Mermen is no coincidence, for they are now prepared to reveal themselves more. I transmit to you now a message from the sea kingdoms prince, Ayotni:

“I send this message to all the merfolk and sea spirits that are out there in the world the time of us hiding or being covered up is starting to wash away and we are making our way back to the surface. The father of the sea Poseidon is with us and will raise his trident into the sky when the change has begun.”

With the veils being lifted below the seas, so shall the skies also begin to reveal themselves. The cosmic womb is preparing for birthing of a new cosmic consciousness, the perfect balance of masculine and feminine forces. This will manifest in some linear timelines with a lot of activity within outer space, as the twin spirals converge, there are fireworks, just as there is when new love is discovered, it is a fractal multiverse you dwell within. Many of your space agencies already have predictions of the galaxies of the Milky Way and Andromeda converging in the distant future, however, as you come closer and integrate more of infinite time awareness you shall see that this is already happening.

Fifth dimensional timelines begin to manifest through the rainbow codes of light. This is why there are usually rainbow light spectrums accompanied with fifth dimensional material. As these begin to manifest more, it becomes contagious, the hive mind of love forms and branches out further, and those connected become able to develop their extra sensory perceptions with more clarity, for they are all connected, and each new piece of the grand puzzle activates to connect to other nodes and conduits. This is ascension, to not only become aware, but to project that awareness to those who can also project their own unique teachings to the collective.

The Sirian Archangelic League too, is beginning to reunite with their consorts, and thus your guides shall become much more clear to you, and will infuse you with energy to help you better yourself. As you begin to make choices that please them, they will in turn reward you. Thy will be done in heaven as it is upon earth, as above, so below.

In infinite love, I am looking at you this way, blessings in light!


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