Laura Tyco- No Channels Advised for Now

No Channels Advised for Now

23 October 2013


Hi guys! still home, and you are probably wondering why is Laura not channeling at all…. well.. in fact.. i have been having plenty of contact for the past month… mostly telepathy, but also direct physical contact with the ships and the people inside.. the connection is really super strong, and many if not all of my questions are being answered at the moment .. a lot is unfolding for me on a personal level, but also on a planetry level… Basically i am asked not to share or channel in public, because i am being monitored online, and in real life.. and that everythink that i pubilsh can be used against us, and be used as intell for the other party at the moment.. all i can say is that we are coming head on with it all, and it pays more right now to remain silent on the international stage. I will be allowed publish personal updates and messages from guides, in relation to spirit world and my Earth journey … soon.. i just hope not galactic soon though.. (-_-). Laura Multidimensionalocean



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