Archangel Raphael

 24 October 2013


Greetings Dear ones, I come to you today to offer some encouragement. This is not a channeling. I’m writing this message to come out of the shadows. I’m currently incarnated on Earth waiting like many of you for the events to unfold. After certain changes happen I will be ready to begin my mission to offer healing to those in need. Beloved ones, keep moving forward towards your ascension. Leave all the baggage behind. Trust in the Divine energies now working for change on Earth. Many wonderful beings of light will be and have always been by your side. Dear souls, make time to discover the Devine within you. You are love beyond measure. My hope is that this message will encourage other souls to continue in the path to source. Remember we are all together in this transition. There is nothing to fear as all in truth is oneness.

Love always Archangel Raphael


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