28 Oct-3 Nov 2013 Archangel Messages

28 October 2013

Do not ever forget that we, the Universe and everything act according to your very choices. This is a fabulous week for planting the seeds germane to what you want to achieve and selecting how you want to be in your life. Enjoy the gift of being creative. As such, evaluate your choices remembering that we support you in how you want to be and what you want to achieve. Do not forget that that your mind should be clear with an eye to ensure the clearness of your intentions. Do not undermine your motivation and high frequency by remaining in the focus of your intentions. Your faith is very substantial. The transition has a sharp energy, so it’s very substantial to remain balanced and focused. Please have contact with plenty of water, spend time outdoors, speak with Us and if there are energies you are working on, continue to work with them on a regular basis. Call Archangel Raphael as often as you can, you allow Him to heal everything you know or you do not know that you believe to hinder you. Treat yourself well. You are very special. When entering a new month, the doors for you are wide open; do not refuse if brilliant ideas, new approaches and crazy dreams come to your mind. This week, all your ideas that enlighten you like an illuminator are supported. Prepare an action plan for yourself for your choices incident to these events that will come out of to determine by which steps to proceed. This lets you go easily on your path. Make a list, keep a diary write the new ideas and dreams you desire to achieve and then realize them. My little ones, you will be amazed to see how you take thousands of steps only by one single step.

With Love and Light.

Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Uriel

source : mavininsesi.blogspot.com


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