El Morya’s weekly message through Julie Miller

Instigating Changes that Carry Great Transformations
Ascended Master, El Morya’s Weekly Message ~ October 29 – November 05, 2013
Received by Julie Miller
October 29, 2013

Challenges   are experienced by everyone, not one person is exempt from enduring some form   of hardship or difficulty. What helps you to move from one challenge to the   other with little harm done or created is how you respond during the changes   that result from the challenging situation. How you choose to react as you   move through any difficulty illustrates how well you are going to transcend   what you are moving from into what is coming in that is new. It is up to you   dear ones to either stand in your own way of progressing or to create a path that   carries you through despite what trials you will face positively – you dig   deep within to bring forth great amounts of personal strength and courage   that will bring you out of any travesty because faith and hope are alive   inside of you.

More often   than not your own unhappiness is a result of negative thinking where you feel   and think you have no power or any sort of influence that will empower you to   overcome any setback or difficulty. Each obstacle you move in and around from   provides you with ample information that will propel you towards a greater   knowing of yourself and rewards you with total well-being of all that you   are. You are more than just what your history and past circumstances has   given you to believe. The past is to learn from not to remain in.

You are   encouraged to accept that each step of your journey that it is you that has   the power to shift and change what you don’t like into what you do like which   changes your reality and perception. The very life you are living now dear   ones is a result of what you created for yourself through the situations you   have been dealt with. Remember, regardless what occurs to you on this   journey, even if the experiences have been harsh or filled with goodness, you   do have the capability to change how these experiences affect you and where   your path is trying to take you.

You do have   the power and ability to instigate changes that will bring about great   transformations. We see many always seeking other dear souls for advise on   which way to go when in fact they what is needed is more time spent with your   Inner Self. All answers to where your path is to take you is found from   within. No one can tell you where or what you need to be doing because they   are not walking your journey, they are walking their own. They very well can   offer you sound advice but cannot do the work or make the choice. Learn to   value your own insight and ideas on where and how your journey should go   instead of relying others to think for you. Remember no one knows you better   than you. Trust in what you find when you work with your Inner Self and know   what you discover is what resonates with not only your heart but with your   soul.

The best   person to give you healing, advice and even guidance is yourself. Whenever   you have questions that concerns your journey, how well you are doing, when   it’s time to branch of into a new direction, etc., can be found by tuning in   to your Inner Self which will elevate the information you need to enhance   your insight and inspire you to move forward intuitively and with confidence.

Sometimes   the wisdom you hear from another dear soul will trigger something inside of   you to come forward that will promote positive action from you. You will take   notice of this shift and learn what it is that makes you feel profoundly   connected to any one concept or idea. As you move forward under your own   intuitive action by trusting the pull of your heart, you will find yourself   closer to reaching your goals and demonstrating more of your true and   authentic self as a result. This journey has no place for exaggerated   expressions that speak loud volumes of the Ego, this is a journey filled with   truthfulness and honesty that is stemmed from the purity of your heart in all   you do. Each time you take a positive step forward, trusting where your heart   is leading you to, you become a co-conspirator, working together with the   Universe to provide what you need over what you want.

If you   truly want to instigate change and transformation into your life, then you   need to take positive action. You need to have your mind, body, heart and   spirit working together in balance. You gain balance through meditation which   will allow you to raise your vibration in order to experience yourself and   the world which you live in from a an elevated perspective which will allow   you to access different answers that are essential for your personal growth   and development that will affect every corner of your journey. When you   combine physical movement with mental focus what you bring together is your   own magic in the making, where you are able to creatively cultivate what it   is you truly wish to come into your existence for you to experience.

One of the   most important aspects to instigating change and transformation dear ones is   to stop retelling the mistakes made and of the disappointments you   encountered. When you continue to bring forward what has happened to you that   has long since passed, what you are doing is keeping that moment alive   instead of moving away from it in order to embrace changes that will help you   grow and become stronger. You cannot expect something new to enter your life   when you continue to bring up the bad that occurred. Learn to let the past   go. You must make a choice to either align yourself with what you want to see   or continue to align yourself to the mistakes and difficulties that have   already happened. Don’t stay stuck in the past; don’t allow any past   experience that was negative and difficult to be what blocks you from   bringing in new and positive changes into your life. Take back your power   from the negative influences such life changing events can create and allow   new and exciting experiences to enter your life stream.

We know the   ending of negative self-talk is one of the hardest things to do, but it is   the most healing and grandest forms of love you can give to yourself. Even   though you speak the words of love to other dear souls without a second   thought, you need to give yourself this love first. Love yourself for all   that you are, not for what you are not. Don’t base your love for yourself for   what the mirror doesn’t show you. The mirror dear ones, if you are truly   looking will tell you the truth. Even if you pretty up your face and hair,   what is underneath all that effort is still the real you and this person is   more beautiful than any hair style or make up. We don’t see how your physical   body looks, we don’t judge you on your appearance, we see you from your   energy signature. Love yourself for you, without the false pretences, masks   or cover-ups. We do. We know you want new changes to come into your life and   they will as soon as you begin to think of yourself with more love and   respect and when you begin to value what you think instead of always   depending on someone else for their opinion.

One of the   easiest ways to bring in change is by beginning something new – it could be   anything from changing the genre of book you prefer to looking into a hobby   that you would not have considered before. By bringing in something new, you   change your focus from worrying about is going on in your life that has the   potential of causing more negative self-talk and stagnation. When you   willingly give your time and effort on doing something new, that focus and   concentration gives you a break from deliberately going over what had happened.   Changing your focus will not make this memory or situation go away, but it   does create happy space for you to visit that will heal you from a cellular   level.

We are   aware that many dear souls each day are looking for ways to harness in   changes that will be positive and good. Remember dear ones, in order to bring   in changes, it’s essential to change how you think. Make a conscious effort   to connect with your Inner Self and through this sacred connection you raise   your mental and emotional faculties where thought processes reside and begin   working internally to end the barrage of negative self-talk, thought forms   and other negative actions that have caused your journey to become blocked.   It is during this special and sacred space that you have created that you   begin to manifest what you wish to happen right now as if it already is.

When you   are manifesting the changes you wish to see occur within your life it’s   essential to be consistent. At first you may not believe in your efforts, but   the more you practice the stronger your efforts become. Even if right this   moment your journey is not going how you wished it would, with the power of   positive thinking, envision and believe that the changes you are wishing to   see as if they are already here. As long as you are willing to make every   effort possible any gap in your journey becomes smaller simply because you   will it to be.

And so it   is…

I AM   Ascended Master, El Morya through Julie Miller



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