MUST READ- Message from Matthew

Message from Matthew — November 1, 2013



Suzanne Ward

Message from Matthew


November 1, 2013

[NOTE from Suzy: When this message was   ready to send out, I discovered that I had no Internet connection—the problem   couldn’t be fixed on-line and Comcast’s technician couldn’t come until today.   I changed the message’s original October 27th date to November 1st, the   distribution date.]

With loving   greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. You would feel   greatly uplifted about the state of your world if you could see Earth as we   do, sparkling and glowing ever more brightly as her balance improves with   each release of negativity. Although the extremes of duality still are in play   on the planet, many positive scenarios are unfolding.

Mainstream media   still sensationalizes disasters, dissensions and scandals; however, you also   have seen their reporting of constructive happenings. As discussions about   defusing Syria’s civil war continue, inspections of that country’s stockpiles   of chemical weaponry are ongoing, and so are talks about Iran’s nuclear   development program. Pope Francis is cleaning house at the Vatican and   investigations are widening into corporate corruption and criminal activities   in the financial world. We see the young British royals— William, Catherine   and their infant son George—infusing light into that monarchy, and pollution   is being seriously addressed by some governments and   corporations.

The thread that unites   those seemingly unrelated areas and innumerable others, including myriad   promising developments at grassroots levels, is the increasingly powerful   energy movement within and around the planet. Everything in your world that   is flowing in consonance with that movement is gaining momentum and   everything that is resisting the flow is coming apart at the seams. The   longstanding propensity for war and oppressive policies and practices keeps   weakening as the collective thoughts, feelings and actions on behalf of   peace, freedom and truth keep intensifying.

It is a joy for us   to observe these wondrous effects of love-light energy! There will be a   series of fits and starts in the most expansive areas of change, but there is   no indication that any detours will be significant, and nothing can   derail your society’s progress.

One aspect of this   monumental, unique ascension journey is the varying degrees of physical,   mental or emotional discomfort many are feeling as carbon-based cells absorb   light and are transformed into crystalline structures. In previous messages   we have offered guidance to relieve ascension-related conditions, and we ask   readers who are expressing concerns about various health anomalies to please   read those messages. [July 4, 2013 message has the most comprehensive   coverage.]

An email recently   sent to my mother shows that the health issue in connection with ascension is   begging for clarification. Mother, please copy that email here.
Can you tell me what   Matthew says about people’s health improving before ascension?  What I   mean is, there are so many (mostly older) people in various stages of ill   health situations – some very serious – it doesn’t seem possible that they   will be able to ascend or advance spiritually without being able to become   relatively healthy – or will they just die and only healthy people will   inherit the physical 5D earth?
Thank you. First,   planetary ascension and personal ascension are not the same, and it   may be helpful to explain again that density has two definitions in a   universal context: mass and/or the location of a mass   and soul evolvement status, or station, in spiritual and conscious   awareness, and the two densities can differ considerably.

The planet has been   on an ascension course for about 75 years, longer than most of her residents   have lived there this time around, but throughout those years of traveling   through third density location-wise, Gaia, the soul who embodied as   the planet now called Earth, was at fifth density evolvement. Gaia   and her planetary body originated in that density, and during the millennia   that her residents’ brutality to each other caused the planet to spiral   downward, Gaia remained at her original evolvement status.

Now then, physical   health doesn’t affect one iota a person’s ascension spiritually and   consciously, and that ascension isn’t confined to lives on Earth. Many   persons who had just reached fourth density evolvement status had soul   contract longevity clauses that “expired,” so to say—they died and are living   in their advanced status in Nirvana or, if they so chose, some other   equivalent spirit world. As the planet travels through fourth density, her   residents who have evolved to that density spiritually and consciously will   keep on ascending with Earth if that is in accordance with their contract   lifetime span. If not, their bodies will die and they will continue their   ascension journey in a spirit world until they decide where they want to   reincarnate.

Some of you have   heard that when Earth left third density, she entered fifth, as if Number   Four has no part at all in the process. We use your numbers only to indicate   advancement, whether in location or soul evolvement, and there is no skipping   any progressive stage in either. Just as it isn’t reasonable to expect a   child who has learned ABCs to read a dictionary, it’s not reasonable to   expect to leap from your current abilities directly into mastery of   communicating telepathically, manifesting and dematerializing objects,   traveling astrally and achieving perfect health in body, mind and spirit.   Indeed, everyone has the innate capacity to perform all of those   marvels, but it’s necessary to develop the ability to do so, and   each soul will do that in the comfort of its own timing.

Other health-related   questions are about the “radioactive water” flowing from Japan’s Fukushima   nuclear facility and the safety of food grown in the vicinity. Our space   family’s few teams of four or five members each who are near the facility are   working in tandem with crews in ships hovering overhead to reduce the water’s   toxicity to the greatest extent possible. Their technologies are far advanced   from your own, but they aren’t designed to eliminate every bit of toxicity in   fruits and vegetables from areas of radioactivity, so it is sensible not to   eat produce grown near the nuclear   plant.

Now we shall address   readers’ interests in a number of matters that pertain to the United States.   Not only are happenings there a reflection of what is going on to some degree   all around your world, but everything that happens anywhere on Earth affects   everything everywhere in this   universe.

The citizenry’s   anger about the hardships many incurred due to the government “shutdown”   shows growing intolerance of elected officials’ inaction due to stubborn   divisiveness. Individuals within that government and all other   democratically-elected bodies will be changing from self-service to working   in unison for the wellbeing of their country’s peoples. This won’t happen in   one fell swoop, but officials who stubbornly resist the love-light energy   will lose out by one means or another and eventually all elected public   servants will be acting within that energy. Ending the reign of tyrants will   come more slowly, but that also is predestined.

No serious   repercussions in foreign relations will result from the National Security   Agency’s intelligence gathering—any indignant, surprised reaction is simply a   public performance. Not only is it well known that spying is ubiquitous, but   nations that are allies share the intelligence they’ve gleaned, and no   national leaders are naïve enough to think that they personally are exempt   from surveillance. The energy around this brouhaha is strengthening the   energy set in motion by all the whistleblowing everywhere and ultimately will   lead to multinational trust in harmonious cooperation.

For two reasons   high-ranking military officers were relieved of duty. The down-to-Earth   reason is, they had been acting under Illuminati orders, which included   massive-scale terrorism using missiles with nuclear warheads. Thanks to our   universal family’s technology, all of those attempts were futile; in keeping   with Creator’s stipulation that there will be no more nuclear detonations in   space, God authorized that intervention. Energetically speaking, the   officers’ removal was a natural step toward demilitarizing your world—this   immense undertaking cannot be accomplished quickly, but that step is a   welcome beginning.

As for the   Illuminati-controlled CIA faction, it will be on the way out. Those   individuals have been responsible for “black ops,” the most destructive   terrorist activities. You know about the few that have been successful, most   notably “9/11,” but not publicized are the many attempts in hot spots around   the world that have been thwarted by ET brothers and sisters living among   you. They are permitted to do that in response to Gaia’s request, but they   cannot interfere with individuals’ free will to avenge atrocities committed   to their ancestors or to defend their radical beliefs.

We have been asked   our opinion about legalizing marijuana.  We feel that this should have   been done long ago worldwide for medical purposes because of this plant’s   many known benefits—that is why pharmaceutical companies’ top management have   suppressed its legal availability. As for “giving our young people   authorization to use drugs,” we see this as we do your social issues such as   excessive drinking, gambling, overeating, sexual promiscuity, gang warfare   and bullying: matters calling for strong parental guidance and individuals’   self-discipline.  And, as light within the populace increases,   problematic behavior will diminish, then cease.

To the numerous   readers who cite specific actions by President Obama and ask if he still is a   light being: Yes, he is. We stand by everything we have told you about him   because it is the truth. We say as well that third density consciousness   can’t discern light in a person or a situation. Although Earth and all of her   residents are in fourth density location-wise, the majority of the populace   still is within third density awareness-wise. And to answer one reader’s   question: No, an Illuminati-programmed clone of the president has not   replaced the person.

Absolutely there has   been “sabotage,” as one reader expressed it, and another questioned: Is   the frantic energy and discord around the Affordable Healthcare Act   Illuminati energy?  Sabotaging the Act more commonly known as Obamacare   started immediately after President Obama announced his intention to make   healthcare insurance available to people who were not receiving necessary   treatment because they didn’t have insurance or their policies didn’t cover   it. Illuminati members of Congress in collusion with their counterparts in   the medical establishment and pharmaceutical and insurance industries started   overt and covert campaigns to doom the president’s efforts—the result is   legislation that is bare bones of his original plan. The Act’s Web site is   not free of sabotage, to be sure, but “too many cooks in the kitchen” working   hastily with complex technological features contributed to the site’s   malfunctions.

Individuals in   Congress who are determined uproot the Act will either fall by the wayside or   join with their colleagues who see the soundness in preserving its positive   aspects and changing the pesky parts. Eventually the energy flow will bring   healthcare equality and availability to everyone in your world. Inclusive   measures will be full recognition of what you term “alternative” treatments;   Nature’s healing ingredients replacing chemical prescription drugs, which   cause more harm than good; reasonable costs for hospitalization, outpatient   care and helpful medications.  In time, as your society keeps advancing,   neither money nor insurance will be in your healthcare picture.

As for the many   questions about the national economy, I have asked my mother to copy a   particular email to show how far afield of actuality some information being   disseminated is.  Only the name will be omitted to preserve that individual’s   privacy.

******’s source at the Dept of Defense says that “They’ve” put   something in the water and our food and that when they trigger the cell   towers or fly drones they can detonate what we’ve ingested and it will give   us flu like symptoms within 2 days and then death in 10 days after.    This is to control the riots of people when the economy completely crashes   anytime from now thru 2014.  Is there truth to this?

Thank you, Mother.   There is no truth whatsoever to that outrageous claim, and any grave concerns   about the collapse of the US economy are needless. When the Federal Reserve   System and the Internal Revenue Service are exposed as wholly-owned   Illuminati agencies that have been manipulating economies worldwide, their   operations will cease. Then you shall see that the United States’ debt is as   fictitious as is your global economy.

Long ago the entire   economic system became only a whir of wire or computer transactions—trading   in stock markets, buying and selling currencies, mortgages from lending   institutions, credit card accounts with usurious interest rates. All of that   financial activity was designed to keep enriching the wealthy and none of it   has had a solid foundation. Ending the Illuminati-devised and controlled   network and returning to a monetary basis of precious metals will be handled   as smoothly as possible to prevent confusion.

Now then, it does   appear that we have been pointing fingers at the “bad guys” around your world   who persistently have resisted changes that would be in the best interests of   the peoples, and we repeat our urgings in previous messages: Forgive   them!  This does not mean condoning their actions. It means refraining   from judgment and condemnation by understanding that those individuals are   the weakest links in the unbreakable universal chain of souls, and the   love-light in your forgiveness uplifts them at the same time it advances your   soul growth.

The vital importance   of forgiveness extends far beyond those individuals into the pre-birth agreements   every one of you made. Because agreements are made by souls with conditional   love and are designed to further the evolvement of all participants, each   soul plays a role that offers others advancement opportunities. Persons whom   you may resent deeply for what you perceive as cruel, unfair treatment may be   fulfilling perfectly their agreement to provide you with that experience.   Please do not forfeit your growth opportunity by holding onto resentment or   bitterness—understand, forgive and feel grateful that you have completed the   karmic lessons you chose and they provided.

If by words, actions   or inaction you have done an injustice to any persons, tell them I’m   sorry, please forgive me. Then forgive yourself! Letting go of   guilt and remorse as well as bitterness and resentment will let peacefulness,   joy and excitement flow into your heart—that is what ascension feels   like!

Light beings   throughout this universe are embracing you with unconditional love as we   cheer you ever onward.



Suzanne Ward



[If you received this message as a forward and would like to   receive future messages directly, please follow the instructions at the top   of “Matthew’s Messages” page on]




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