Obama is not to blame for health care issues

If your current healthcare plan is being dropped, don’t blame the President.  Your healthcare plan is being dropped  because your health insurance company is GREEDY and doesn’t want to make a few less billion dollars next year.  The people you see complaining on the news represent just 5% of our population, whose policy must be dropped because it is sub-standard, which means it doesn’t cover bare minimum issues.


(For those of you who don’t read financials, the top 5 companies collected $250 b-b-b-Billion in revenues)

The first line of enemies are the giant Healthcare BUSINESSES, whose only job is to make billions and billions of dollars collecting your insurance premiums whether you are sick or not.  If you are in need of treatment, they’ll do everything to pay as little as possible for that treatment.  They are using the changes in this law to drop certain plans for more expensive ones, while using this new law as an excuse to do so.

The second line of enemies are the giant Pharmaceutical BUSINESSES, whose only job it is to invent new drugs, and then find a way to market and sell them, whether they are necessary or not.  They spend billions of dollars on research and development trying to come up with ways to make people less sick, instead of holistically eliminating the cause of the sickness in the first place, which is always an emotional or biological toxin that we absorb from our environment.   Then they bribe doctors to sell their drugs to you.

The third line of enemies of the Affordable Healthcare Act are group of core republicans that got together and swore to fight tooth and nail against everything Obama is trying to do no matter what.  Yes, in the land of the free and home of the brave, all rich white males are created equal, and everyone else can live in disease, crime, and poverty.  If the sick people don’t live in the area of a politician in need of votes, guess what?  They don’t care about you at all.    Don’t ever forget that they shut down the government because they wanted to defund Obamacare, and not to help human beings in need.

When you take the giant healthcare industry, and the giant pharmaceutical industry, all placing money in the pockets of long-term politicians dug into their trenches, who will fight this legislation in exchange for potential votes and political influence, and then spin it all through the corporate owned mass media, of course you get angry yacht owners and old people shaking their fists in their rocking chairs.  The media is training people to blame everyone except the healthcare insurance providers.

It is unethical and immoral to create a business whose sole purpose is to mathematically calculate someone’s health or illnesses and then make as much money as possible either way.   It is unethical and immoral to create a business whose sole purpose is to profit off of drugs that can save the life of a human being, whether people can afford it or not.   Have they really placed money above humanity?  Yes, they have, which is why we are having this national argument, except Americans are being diverted from the truth over and over and over again.  Have you noticed that drug companies give some people prescriptions that maintain the condition but don’t cure it, so now there are millions of people who think they have to take medication for the rest of their life?  Do you think a pharmaceutical BUSINESS is ever going to tell people how to get un-sick from a certain affliction that they SELL treatments for?  Can you see how there might be a conflict of interest here?

How much would healthcare costs go down if both healthcare insurance providers AND pharmaceutical companies operated as non-profits?

The only reason your healthcare plan is being dropped, is because health insurance companies don’t want to make a few less billion dollars next year, period.  President Obama is not to blame for the challenges with Obamacare and neither is Kathleen Sebelius.

What can we do?  To make a graceful shift, we need to find about 500 exceptional American volunteers out of more than 300 million, and elect them to replace anyone who is not working for the absolute best interests of the people.  We have to elect a wave of new politicians that all agree to never choose profits over people.  In the mean time, we need a few people to start some new insurance companies that operate with income equal to expenses, and not a penny more.  That will put the greedy out of business, I promise.

We have one volunteer here:    http://dougall2020.wordpress.com

Who’s next?

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