SALUSA November 15th and 12th of 2013

SaLuSa 15. 11. 2013

The more you are getting yourselves ready for entering your higher reality, the more you are experiencing its powerful energies and letting go of time boundaries. Sometimes you might experience people and things moving faster than usual, when you are just awaken from sleep or deep meditation where you have connected to flow of time within the higher reality. This can give you a very good picture of how the life gently flows without rush and chase that you are so very much used to now and slowing down only when your busy day is finished. It is for you to show you that with entering “no time” zone of the higher realities you will naturally slow down and enjoy everything as long as you will wish to. There is no need to worry that you will be late for some other experience because the point of life is to deeply experience everything that you chose to and then enter another experience when you have fully completed the previous one. And the knowing that you simply cannot be late for your own life experiences is and will help you to adjust to this great change.

We often remind you to trust yourself, as with it comes more confidence in everything that you do, and all urgent questions are answered with your own wisdom, and all that is necessary is understood without causing confusion in your mind and with your own answers trust in yourself is again increasing. This can be described as a circle of trust and wisdom and if you look closely to any other matter, you will find out that the life experience have many circles in it. We see it as the basics for our understanding of Creation because circle is the primal shape that you can find everywhere, starting with the flow of energy, then our cells, our planets, our Galaxies – the shape of the circle is clearly visible, and you experience life also in circles and when you are ready to move on , you are creating another circle of experience for yourself with attracting higher experience to your current circle and creating that what you call Vesica Piscis . These two circles are merged enough for you to create a bridge into another circle of experiences, and being consciously aware of this transition is the most wonderful experience.

Do watch for these circles in your own life, and they will help you to clear and let go of all that you do not need. Sometimes you experience something over and over again, and you wonder what is it that you do not understand or do not accept when this situation is still occurring, and you will find out that sometimes it is necessary to step out of that circle and look onto it from a different perspective, from a higher perspective that is always available to you at this moment of your transformation. And then after you have accepted the wisdom that was coming from a certain recurring situation you can leave it behind for good, and it will be transformed into a pure knowledge that will be added to collective wisdom that all others can learn from when they are ready to do so. This way it will be much easier for them to enter into the New and the power of your collective choice will immensely increase.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and we all feel so very close to you all. We are watching you with happiness, as you are so joyously stepping into the circle of universal knowledge and finding out that fear and worries are no longer present within you. Your power of love is increasing and when you imagine it being a circle around your body, you are protecting yourself from other unwanted energy circles to enter your Light.

SaLuSa 12. 11. 2013

Do you feel the intense changes in your bodies Dear Ones? They are being completed these days and when your body absorb and adjust to higher frequencies that are sent to you at this moment, your consciousness will be free to experience the chosen higher reality without overwhelming your body, as it needs to process all the experiences and share it with others. Many of you already visited and experienced their higher reality in their astral bodies and remember only few blissful moments of it. These visits were also preparations for your final moment of Ascension process into the higher reality. You will remember every detail and every feeling of your higher reality experiences and it will make you even more powerful than you are now. The flow of time and its meaning will definitely change and you will be completely aware of your connections within higher reality of existence. Every single ability will improve with it, and you will simply be present in the Now within both realities. Your body will function as powerful Light instrument that will receive pure higher frequencies and transform them into the ones that all others can absorb easily. The frequency will intensify until all of you that chose to ascend will be able to do so.

With your change comes also the change of your society and the way that Humanity is looking on the planet they are living on and on the other planets in Solar System and Galaxy. Your own knowing and the knowing that is being shared through you is helping to “open the eyes “ and see the truth about your place in the Universe. Do not underestimate your knowledge and understanding as the truth about Creation is simple and all those who are awakened to their hearts knowing are aware of it. There are many ways that this truth can be expressed and each and every one of you has his or hers own version of this understanding, but the basic principle always stays unchanged. We are here to experience. We are here to experience all the possibilities that we are attracted to create, because inside of each Soul is that strong desire to always search for more. This desire also has driven your own search and growth into the Light, and only with your presence at the place you are currently in, you are igniting the spark within others for their desire to change into the transmuting flame that will allow them to fulfill their purpose of existence within this reality.

Feel again all the changes that are happening and accept them as part of your great desire to move on. We are helping you to align with higher frequencies, as our forms are used to them, and we are very happy that you wish to receive them all the time, although they are sometimes making your bodies more tired. We are carefully and lovingly watching over all those that wish to be connected to us and receive our energies directly. We are also collectively sending our energies to all of you as we feel the time of our general acceptance is approaching very fast.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and I am very happy to share my energy with all of you. These are very blissful moments and I know that many of you want to share your own energies with all others. Do it freely and without any worries that they are not powerful enough to help others. You have grown into the Light, and let it flow to those who need it just with one thought that is reaching all. Thoughts are becoming your powerful tool for reaching and fulfilling your goals and desires that you have set for yourself in this lifetime. This is the time of your life and we wish you to realize how beautiful it is.

Channeller: MADAD



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