Gaia Portal update Nov 19 2013

First Choices of Gaia Mother are Embraced at this Moment.

All Gaia Ascension grids and expanded portals are moving.

Shifts of grid points are necessary to accommodate increased acceptance of Higher Dimensionals by hu-manity.

Structures aligned with New Gaia survive the shift; those non-aligned will be “spun away”… Quickly.

Necessary movements of Hue-Beings is communicated clearly at this moment via Higher Channels.

Vitality of Cosmic Connections is enhanced sufficiently for so-called “first contact”, at hu-being levels.

“Be aware… Be aligned… Be in Joy.”





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One Response to “Gaia Portal update Nov 19 2013”

  1. Robert Shrewsbury Says:


    I find it stimulating and enlightening to discover that (virtually unknown to Mankind) that there are not a few, but many underground cities where technologically advanced people live. My system of detection is not a perfect one and over the years it has waned and waxed in a meandering convoluted way as far as being a hundred percent accurate. This is why I have stayed with it for so many years now, so as to refine and perfect it.

    This detection work is a serious work for me and I have been at it like a cloistered monk for 12 plus years. In the last year I have increased the number of blind tests I do so as to be sure of my competence and accuracy and it has worked out well although I have surprised and floored many people that have helped by supplying me with hidden materials to detect and pinpoint.

    In my detection work (where I detect an underground city) I have been able to get verifications several different ways, one is that there is a electro/magnetic field surrounding these cities and I am able to use a special compass and sometimes a regular compass to detect this field showing the outline of the underground city and they are all either in a square or a rectangle. The electromagnetic fields surrounding these cities have its North Pole that is to our west and its South Pole is to our East and this creates a moving vortex totally verifiable and detectable.

    Another way is that I have interviewed many people living in areas where underground cities are at (where I detected them) and they have many strange tells to tell including seeing silent moving ships egressing and digressing to these underground cities. Also some of the “Skinwalker Ranch” phenomena occurring often and there are many places here in Utah where this happens. on two occasions people I know or knew personally have actually seen these (underworld) people and others who attempted to penetrate their city were injured by invisible forces or driven out.

    Mexico’s Zona Del Silencio (zone of silence) at G.P.S. 26°41’40.11″N X 103°48’55.52″W is another place and it is at about heading 114.04 degrees & 75 miles from Jimenez to the East and just a little South.

    The Mayan as well as the Egyptian talked about the underworld a lot and in the light of people still living there and I have researched this enough to see clearly that some of the Maya are still in contact with the underworld. Lynne Bishop of Utah wrote a book on four people from abroad that were invited to visit an underground city in the Peten jungle somewhere between Mexico and Guatemala. The Maya Priests have told me that their immortal ancestors currently live in this place and it is forbidden (even for them) to visit there without a special invitation from that city people there.

    I could incessantly speak of the many, many other dwellings where these places are at and the many experiences people have had there, but most of that information has already been published and is available if you want to search it out.

    What I want to express here now is that in my detection work I have observed a pattern on the locations of the underground facilities and the pattern is where precious metals are detected are in a pattern that make up the various constellation’s forms for example the Big Dipper & the Little dipper formation, and Draco. The sized down miniature scale where the stars are located is duplicated underground so I detect a deposit of gold/silver and mark it and then the next one and the next and finally I look at all the marks where gold/silver is and it makes an outline of the big dipper formation and many, many other constellation’s of the zodiac spread throughout the State. I suspect that this phenomenon will also be in Central & South America.

    This below was taken out of a book on Theurgy and ancient knowledge and it does make me wonder a bit what is going on that we are not allowed to know without being relegated to the sci fi ward and scorned by the fearful, ignorant and the blind!

    “According to the Hebrew Enoch, the idolatrous acts of the generation of Enosh were connected to a peculiar construction: They went from one end of the world to the other and each one brought silver, gold, precious Stones, and pearls in heaps upon mountains and hills, making idols out of them throughout the world. And they erected the idols (Talismans) in every quarter of the world; the size of each idol was one thousand parasangs. And they brought down the power essence of the Sun, Moon, Planets, and Constellations, and placed them before the idols on their right hand and on their left, to attend them even as they attended the Holy One, blessed be he, as it is written, and all the host of heaven was standing by Him on His right hand and on his left. What power did they have that they were able to bring them down?

    They would not have been able to bring them down but for ‘Uzza, Azza, and Azziel, who taught them sorcery, whereby they brought them down, and made use of them. Therefore, specific structures, together with “sorceries” (which I assume refer to various types of incantations), could, according to the ancient Jewish sources, bring about the descent of celestial entities and their Magical use.

    This practice, although idolatrous, was perceived as effective and was not derided for its futility. Thus, a special building and magical devices can induce the descent of the host of heaven; similarly, I would assume, the Temple of Solomon and the service performed there were thought of as able to attract the Shekinah to this place”.

    Darn I am thinking out loud again.

    Roberto Three Eagles

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