SaLuSa 21 November 2013



SaLuSa 21 November 2013.

You have represented great ability to cut through fiery emotions and break   through hard emotional barriers, and this acts as a boost for the larger   humanity as your individual consciousness effects them.  You are   maturing in that you feel less of a need to prove your point, and are fully   anchored in not imposing your beliefs on others, or needing to exalt and rate   yourself above anyone else. Dear Ones peoples Ideas will converge in time and   you will all be together as one in love and light.

Optimism many times can be a cruel mistress, but we are projecting a light   beam to illuminate the way to liberalization of your society and put the Dark   Ones underfoot.
Process what resonates with you and discard the rest.  You are being   called to reclaim your power and go within and alone decide your path as this   is your ticket out of the vast sea of information to safety. It is entirely   appropriate to be unaligned with all ideologies and ‘isms’, as you are loved   all the same.

We take great pleasure in teaching you in an indirect manner as we do, as we   teach you without teaching you, in that we are trying to get you to waken to   the light of truth within and around you that you have an inherent ability to   understand and hold on to and retain. We have mighty and powerful say in your   development but it is inconspicuous or invisible to you. Many in the   lightworker and spiritual community are refusing the convergence to greater   unity and love with opportunities for compromise and cooperation wasting   away, and some valuing unethical behaviour. This is a path that only leads to   an unhealthy mind and heart which would leave you in an confused muddle.

Karma always returns energy that was put out, so as to teach one the error of   their ways, by this loving relationships can be renewed once again.

Our allies work to get food replicators to you, and this technology will stop   any need to stick to any special dietary requirements, as all the food it makes   is healthy and good for you. We are intervening to remove obstacles out of   your way, give you protection in communal living and assist in matters of   higher knowledge, as you are caught up in a saga of titanic forces. Any   jealousy is being dissolve as your heart space is being activated, reducing   any need to emotionally protect yourself, then you will become a star light   to inspire others, and your Kundalini will be awakened. Your life will become   worthwhile as old energy are cleared out making room for new.

You are slowly crossing into organizing your mind, body and spirit into a   healthy union, and remembering the great power at your disposal, which you   can use to perform heroic acts. The desire to give and receive love are   flying into many a heart now and will light the path forward.

The treatment of animals at slaughterhouses is undergoing much criticism,   with prominent voices speaking out on this, seeking to draw a line under any   cruel treatment.

Many are starting to question things that hitherto they would have believed   unquestioningly. Misdeeds of the Dark Ones dance on display under the lights   for all to see every part of it. Their actions have caused many to forgo the   spice and variety life has to offer, but the sins of past are being washed clean   and you will see clearly Gods plan for you. The old ways of the past are   being disturbed and agitated as many are indifferent to them and have lost   their path to love and light.

The circle of cyclic sickness is a roller-coaster ride where you are put   through the wringer and washed of your money. You are persuaded and induced   to divide along the haves and haves not when it comes to who gets medicine by   Big Pharma’s gluttony. They want each of you to pay for their own Medical   treatment. Socialized Medicine is the way to a fairer system.

Latin American naturalized females are being shot into male roles as the   recession hits hard and are unaccustomed to being the head of the family.   Institutions glaze over this but this is a significant change. Women in the   work place have been treated haphazardly and any old how, but perform their   duties skilfully and remarkably, to the chagrin of some. Femininity in   economics can bring a new harmony.

Your TV programs pen in many a consciousness, their main thrust is to   concentrate on desperate and frantic News hoping to distract you from   becoming one of the group of highly specialized core Lightworkers to offer   humanity the option to choose the higher vibration of love instead of fear.   They hope to make you do a u-turn away from your path before you become a   fully productive lightworker. The Dark seek to ban and prohibit the source of   the word given by God to man, and set you to dwell on the jagged path that   leads to less and less life.

Many are putting in major effort to ascend to the realms of light, but the   solution maybe to dump excess emotional baggage and take a break and look   into the void and get to know it intimately and become one with it. This will   transform your life and provide the soul healing you need and give you   increased conviction for your chosen path. This will purify any sense of   feeling trapped in your life situation. Also this will dissolve the dominator   male mind set, of always being ready to attack or defend, as you can accept   the dual nature of reality. When you don’t resist you can be love in every   minute.

Obama is of the light and has politely offered to veto any plans by   Republican controlled House to weaken a core component of the Health Care   act. This proposal would not be to the benefit of American interests and   would lead to deficiency in transactions and commerce, with trouble at home.   Those old ways are complete and are at their end, and the changes are   incapable of being overcome and will only have a limited effect on wealth and   financial stability. So you can expect happiness and joy after the tears and   anguish of the past, and your individual policy will be processed correctly   with better computers. When you realize your Godself with Heart full of Love   you will not need Doctors.

We are putting the stop to any wind blown radioactive waste from Japan’s   embattled Fukushima Plant, as if left unchecked would cause skin disorders   and convulsions. This is laid at the feet of the Dark Ones in their twisted   game of pecking at your health. We have evoked the Divine Decree to get   permission to take the necessary actions to stop your extinction, as the Dark   are the poster child for what pure rage and fury truly are. There are   grass-roots campaigns to stop Nuclear Power but the Dark mock and laugh at   this. Ultimately Light and Love will always win out so fear not.

Dear ones the prosperity packages are now in urgent need as many suffer   financial hardship, and our allies work to get them to you. They will provide   the basic necessities of life in a gentle and loving way. When the changes   take effect many will look upon their new found success as something that   they should over analyze. That would be hubris and covering up your true   feelings that light up your heart. There is now a tendency of refusing to   return to trusting in the Galactic Federation Of Light. We have made many   seemly impossible claims, but we do so from a higher vantage point than you,   and can forewarn and predict what you can not take in or absorb.

You will be free as the birds which fly in the air, and reciprocated for all   that has been done to you unjustly. You will feel compelled to give loving   gratitude to God, ringing out loud for all to hear when all the changes take   effect and your light quotient is raised. The slippery Dark ones will be   arrested, despite their sophisticated and charming outward appearance they   can not help but show who they really are, and their theatrics will be   frozen.

Dear Ones many make the presumption that the universe is hostile and   determined to hurt you. This is not so as all around you the seeds of   balance, security, softness, emotional protection and healing are being   planted, this is not to make you complacent, but to show the possibility for   your mental growth. The Loving Universal Mother comes forward at this   opportune time to save you with her Love and Light from Galactic Center and   wants you to know that your systems of power and control are at the fringes   of reality. You are being curved back to the truth of who you are and away   from being someone’s lap dog .

Many lightworkers have moved into taking action for the Light, but some have   become fooled by what can best be described as various types of Christian   pseudo-science, which are directed at the Galactic Federation of Light, and   of which there are veritable smorgasbord on the internet, it may seem   congenial and compatible, but are really exaggerated and overstated, in that   those doctrines are full of fear, with some very dark and desperate visions   expressed in them, and it will put you on underdeveloped path, facing a bleak   existence away from the path of the Heart, and of love for all. We  have   also noticed an accumulation of eavesdropping on our messages by Christian   Fundamentalist who are extremely hostile to us, and are now redirecting their   negative energies back to them to protect you. We love all Souls Dearly of   all Religions, nevertheless we have to protect those that are choosing light   and love from those that are not ready at this time. All souls will   eventually choose to return to the light.

The male and female aspects call to you to still your motion of flipping back   and forth through the polarities, and center yourselves in great devotion for   your lightwork, and pour out your loving emotions in all proficiency over the   rest of humanity to arouse in them the memory that they are the bearer of   Great Power of light and love within them. This will signal an end to this   unpleasant time and will prepare the way for the ancient ways when all things   were treated as sacred and divine.

Eastern Europe has had a lean economic time of it and their bravery and   courage to stand up for freedom and democracy has been telegraphed around the   world. You would not know that these Dear ones are related to the rest of the   Europeans by their abandonment. The harsh times behind the Iron curtain are   gone and given up, but the legal system is reminiscent of the past, you can   be selective in what you choose to accept and also envision a better future   filled with more light and love.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and we love you very much, and add that you do not   have to be an Angel or poor to be supported in the lifting up to an ascended   stage of awareness, just at least 51 percent of service to the light. Putting   an End to dishonesty is preferred twice as much.  True enduring strength   is also gentle and wins out in the end, and with that your gains in growth   will adhere. For those that celebrate Christmas enjoying the festivities with   your loved ones is recommended as there is no substitute.

Thank You SaLuSa.




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