4th source saying ISON is a ship- A message from a close soul to Sananda

A message from a close soul to Sananda about ISON


Submitted by Taki on   Sat, 11/30/2013 – 13:58

A message about ISON  from a close soul to Sananda
Channeler: Saeko   Morishiro (Using a mutidimensoinal language)
Translator: Nana Usami
30 Novermber 2013,   translated from Japanese by Taki

Many arguments are heard about ISON. From our point of view, ISON is turning around the Sun watching the Sun itself and the planet earth.

ISON is a mothership far beyond any recognition of the earthly scientists and traverses the space with making them greatly astonish.

Since this mothership ISON is basically a vehicle of light and its shape and colors are changeable at will, scientists are unable to follow its movements.

As is well acknowledged, many spaceships are hovering above the ground and they are visible for those with third eyes opened.

It is transfiguration   of human DNA, shift of Gaia, clearing up of environment of Gaia including cleansing of air and water that these spaceships are carrying out to assist   humans and cooperate with them. However, we will use various means like feint   operations and enchanting operations (lol). This is the limit that we can   inform you now.

Although, from your   point of view, our activities might have been a little too slow and required much perseverance, the process for ascension is proceeding surely and perfectly.

From now on, further   astonishing events will happen, but these are the ones that we preform   carefully and boldly taking much care of your spiritual growth as a whole.   This is based on the heavenly intention. Rest assured with delight that everything will   carried out at perfect timings and we are proceeding at very high speed.

We know how you are eager to know definite dates of event because we have watched you
since long, and we would dare to mention that the astonishing big event would take place “within   this year”.

It is the most   peaceful when you are along heavenly intention and in its bosom.

Who are you?

Please convey my best   regards to your friends saying that I am one of the close souls to Sananda.
I love you so much!

Source: http://soundofheart.org/galacticfreepress/content/message-close-soul-sananda-about-ison



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6 Responses to “4th source saying ISON is a ship- A message from a close soul to Sananda”

  1. gregdougall Says:

    Tolec, Zorra, White Tara, and Taki all define “comet” “ISON” in a similar way.

  2. Pleiadian Council, Archangel Michael, and Source Creator via Goldenlight: COMET ISON is an Intergalactic Mothership and A Gift from Source Creator. Your world is going to forever change as our intergalactic societies intersect | Goldenlight ~ The Golden L Says:

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  3. Ison is a gift from the Cosmic Heart of All Creation <3 | The Butterfly Effect Says:

    […] 4th source saying ISON is a ship- A message from a close soul to Sananda […]

  4. Cometa ISON é uma nave mãe intergaláctica e um presente da Fonte criadora | Portal2013br Says:

    […] Quarta fonte dizendo que ISON é uma nave – A mensagem de uma alma perto de Sananda […]

  5. gregdougall Says:

    6 different sources now speak of ISON as a ship!!!! That is enough for me.

  6. diamond Says:

    Ridiculous story there. What happened after?

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